Which way should your skull ring really face?

There are lots of different articles that are devoted to topics like which finger you should wear your ring on, how to mix it with other accessories properly, how to really rock it, which metal is most appropriate for biker jewellery like the skull engagement ring, and so on. There are also a few published articles that discuss the meaning of the skull symbol within the biker community. Nevertheless, information regarding where such rings should face is missing on the entire internet.

Meanwhile, the way you rock your biker ring determines the message you desire to pass across to others. Let this article bridge this gap and discuss the skull symbolism of whether your ring points in or out.

To face inwards or outwards

Right from the start, there isn’t any 100% set way of placing your ring. A majority of men wear rings to be seen clearly by onlookers; that means wearing the finger jewellery facing out towards other individuals. Nevertheless, bikers differ greatly from the ‘majority of men’, thus what’s accepted by civilians isn’t necessarily okay for motorbike enthusiasts. Before putting any ring onto your finger, ask yourself what it personally means for you. Depending on the answer you get, wear your finger ornament either pointing in or pointing out.

As a means of self-expression
If your ring is a means of self-expression, an accessory for defining your individual style, and the link between varying elements of your attire, then it should face others. Ultimately, when you order any skull rings online, they function as proof for showing how tough, fashionable, and dashing you happen to be, thus you have to exhibit it to society.

Sentimental meaning
If a ring features a sentimental meaning or has a clear significance to you, then it’s most appropriate to wear it facing you. For instance, you get a ring as gift from a friend, in honour of a deceased comrade, or from a member of your exclusive club. In this kind of instance, it’s only you that the ring is intended for, so the skull should face you directly.

As an insignia
If you happen to be a biker club member and wear your ring as some kind of insignia, then the skull should be faced outwards. Everybody you encounter should be able to identify the club you belong to. That is why you have to ensure that individuals will be able to easily view your ring and figure out what is written and depicted on it.
In concluding, if it happens to be customary for members of your club to wear a skull engagement ring the other way round, then it’s most appropriate to rock yours just how your club mates do. You must respect the customs and traditions of your club whether it is a common way to wear rings or the code. If for personal reasons you desire to invert your ring or find it inconvenient, then it doesn’t hurt to speak with the club’s leader.



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