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The pros and cons of a shared work space

Shared work spaces are not uncommon to be seen today. As a matter of fact many of the emerging entrepreneurs tend to actually shift towards shared work spaces in a bid to be more efficient and to improve co-working abilities among fellow employees. Now having a full-fledged office does have its own perks but it’s not always easy to find in densely packed business hubs like Mumbai or Chennai. Plus there is the additional cost of actually paying for the full office which again isn’t really economical, especially if you are an Indie start up with little capital. That being said, the only option that remains is opting for a shared work environment which fortunately is easier to find and finance. Now shared office spaces in Mumbai or any other notable business centre might not be easy to find considering their demand and popularity but it’s well worth it. So with said, let’s have a look at some pros and cons of having a shared works space. 
1) Pros:
  • Shared office spaces are definitely more economical to run and manage. Plus since the entire staff essentially share a single room, many of the clerical jobs get done without much delay and as a result the whole system becomes much smoother to operate.
  • Availability is another key area where shared work spaces take the trophy. Since they can be established virtually in any big room, finding one isn’t all too difficult. Hence offices spaces in Mumbai or other jam packed business hubs is relatively easier than finding a full-fledged office.
  • Shared offices generally improve inter employee relationships, thereby promoting an environment of mutual interest and understanding towards others. This psychological phenomenon generally improves productivity and reduces latency greatly.
  • It is easy to monitor a room full of people rather than keep track of what everyone’s been doing inside separate rooms. This helps in addressing of employee grievances in a short amount of time and also helps in addressing everyone collectively.
2) Cons
  • Crowded environments can often lead to greater employee fatigue as they tend to be noisier and they are generally required to keep up with others. This reduces quality of work and there are greater chances of work related errors that can occur due to this.
  • Co-Spaces, because of their open nature do not promote privacy. As a result, some newer employees may find it incredibly difficult to adjust with the work environment.
  • Individual needs cannot be addressed in co-working spaces. For Example, employees that require the room temperature to be a bit high or low, do not have the option to do so. This can also contribute to employee fatigue as some may find it discomforting to work in certain environments for extended periods.
  • Resource sharing is also one of the major drawbacks of co-spaces. Often offices that operate with a lesser budget, has to cope with certain restrictions when it comes to how resources like printers and stationery. This can cause the enterprise to face bottlenecks and generally lower optimal output of work.
Shared spaces are great for saving costs and operating with a lower budget. However, the savings do come at a cost relating to the general employee satisfaction and bottlenecks in optimal work output. However, the pros generally outweigh the cons and as a result, shared spaces are really the way to go for general employee workspaces.

Easy tricks to remain warmer when camping in winter

If you discover snowed/sleeted in short morning, and that might well be the only snow basically people get in the winter month; therefore we feel like giving reasons while publishing this post on methods to stay warm when camping when it’s truly bloody freezing.

Getting aware of your gear is important to remain alive at very low night-time temperatures for minimum equipment. But if you are not aware of your gear, just add more of it. Double up your swag, putting one inside the other, or start out with a warmer one in the first place. Glue a foam roll-mat or two covered-up your inflatable mattress. Some people sleep warm. Health, experience, age, gender, amount of body fat and other characteristics all are given to the range of relaxing levels experienced by various people using precisely the similar gear. If you aren’t used to winter camping and don’t yet aware of where you fit into this, better to have brought along extra layers than not sufficient.

The cotton T-shirt you wear overnight while for summer camping? It’ll destroy you in winter. Put on accurate baseliners, such as woollen or insulating synthetics, with a protecting layer on top. Add a woollen or fleece hat and neck warmer. Backpack a pair of thick woollen socks particularly for sleeping in and ensure that you keep them dry. Warmth arises from within, and any protection from a swag or clothing is purely cared with keeping it there. Its useless bedding down if you’re already freezing, so get warm by doing star-jumps before going to bed or doing sit-ups or press-ups in your swag.

Protective filling in swags functions by cutting off air, so attain maximum room by shaking air into swag before bedtime. With lightweight down swags, do this with the bag inverted so the filling is stimulated to gather in the upper sections of the bag where the protection is most required. On the same note, ensure that the load of any additional clothes aren’t having the influence of flattening the bag’s filling; presentation might be made better by just removing the thicker layers. Keep away using down bags inside small swags for just the similar cause, better draping the small swag bag on top. Get one of those thin metallic survival blankets and drape it over the torso area of your swag. If you don’t have one, do the similar with your waterproof jacket or anything else that would include another cover on top of you without crushing the air out of your swag.

Safeguard down the swags in specific from getting damp at all costs. Stay away from breathing into the swag while sleeping, no matter how alluring, as it initiates moisture and down doesn’t perform when it’s wet. For the similar reason, crush all the air out of your bag as soon as you get up in order to throw out body moisture, and dry out your bag daintily on a regular basis whenever you get the chance.

Yet winter camping can also be one of the most wonderful and memorable experiences of all, made all the better by having gained knowledge how to survive outside in such circumstances.

Process and Uses of Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant surgery

The process of bone marrow transplant has turned out to be one of the most common procedures to calm down the issues of blood disorders. Since the bone marrow is an intrinsic part of the body and contains cells, which have the potential to differentiate into the new type of blood cells, the procedure is widely used as treatment. There are different kinds of bone marrow transplant surgeries done by expert doctors. The facilities of finding donors and perfect bone marrow cells have improved with time and many modern medical technologies are built to facilitate people suffering from diseases.

One of the processes of getting a donor whose genetic characteristic is going to match the person who is going through bone marrow transplant surgery is selecting the closely related family member to that person. The most common person chosen for this procedure is the sibling of the patient. Siblings are found to be closely related genetically and a huge genetic match is required for the body cells to accept the newly transplanted bone marrow cells. With advanced technologies and new discoveries, bone marrow transplant cost has decreased to a great limit. It is now within the range of common people.

There are various reasons for which and autogenic bone marrow transplant is not done your person. One of the most common factors is that when the disorder lies within the bone marrow cells and has spread to different parts of the body. In this case, the bone marrow cells that are transplanted from one place to another may turn out to be infected cells in future. Thus, the whole procedure may become a failure. In this type of condition allogeneic bone marrow transplant comes into play.

The process of carrying out and allogeneic bone marrow transplant is simple and follows a basic procedure. At first, the person is pass through series of chemotherapy so that the diseased cells are destroyed and they lose their ability to infect the transplanted cells. After completion of the radiation dosage bone marrow collected from a closely related family member is checked for genetic compatibility. After the procedure hits a particular percentage the process is carried out by expert doctors who have undertaken this type of surgery on various patients suffering from blood disorders.
After successful transplantation of the healthy bone marrow cells, there is dosage of medication prescribed by doctors. Proper medication needs to be followed so that the newly transplanted cells do not get attacked by antibodies and the cells can produce new healthy blood cells clearing out the infected cells. Many blood disorder patients have recovered from their ailing conditions. At present cost of bone marrow transplant in India have decreased and is affordable for normal people to get the surgery done and recover from illness.

With all the processes undertaken sequentially and lifestyle and food habit changes properly followed according to the advice of the doctors, one can easily get back to the normal life. Medication dosage should not be stopped unless told by doctors. These are high dose medications and if proper measures are not followed may lead to adverse effects. 

LASIK surgery: The science behind modern practices

Science goes beyond breakthroughs, defining incremental advances of people and technologies for a progressed lifestyle. Same can be said for LASIK surgery and even though the patent was approved in 1989, FDA sanctioned the procedure almost ten years later!

The omnipresence of LASIK in Dubai is possible due to successive laser surgeries and advent of highly precise technology. Today, the procedure is being performed worldwide with more than 95-percent patients receiving LASIK are happy with the outcome.

Better than PRK

The very first PRK laser surgery was performed by Dr. Theo Seiler in 1987 with a promising technical outcome. People who had been dependent on glasses and contact lenses have this chance of permanent vision correction following the surgery. Procedure got patented two years after the successful results but something far more radical came forth; LASIK (Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis). It boasted drastic improvement over the original procedure bearing fast recovery and less painful as compared to PRK.

Safer than contact lenses

LASIK surgery offers long-term or permanent solution to vision anomalies whereas contact lenses are temporary requiring special care, storage and cleaning. When not used properly, contact lenses have a higher rate of infection. So, you will have to more careful.

Dawn of the new technology

Advanced technology has brought tremendous changes in the healthcare niche. LASIK surgery nowadays is performed with maximum accuracy through machines that optimise the laser to minimum impact and effective results. During the procedure, the laser beam creates a “flap” where an incision is introduced to extract tissue from the eye.

SMILE (Small Incision Lenticular Extraction) is a new technique which reduces the incision by 80-percent thereby reducing the recovery time and promising a safe and nearly non-invasive procedure. LASIK is one of the most studied elective procedures that has performed on more than 9,000 patients from 1993 to 2005.

Clinical research

Significant clinical research has been conducted into LASIK and above 7,000 peer-reviewed studies being published. It’s the safest and most effective procedure bearing optimistic results. Innovations have further helped in refining the surgical process. Techniques and technologies reduce the potential for side effects namely dry eye, halos and glare.

There’ve been significant improvements in LASIK and clinical studies. In medical science industry, techniques and technologies evolve gradually and LASIK is no different. Excimer lasers today can reshape the cornea to improve vision whereas the procedure is far more precise and easier than ever.

Customised solutions are offered to patients having specific corneal topography and thickness for broader range of vision anomalies. All these advancements lead to better visual outcomes while offering patients safe, reliable and quick procedure.


LASIK in Dubai is safe, effective and approved option for the treatment of various vision related anomalies, built on decades of research and advancement in science. LASIK and many other laser procedures continue to improve lifestyle of the patients around the world. However, like every other surgical procedure, it must be performed after consent of primary physician.

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