How To Avoid Damaging Your Vehicle’s Mag Wheels

Mag wheel repair in Sydney service can be expensive and you might need it when you don’t have money. The best way to avoid spending money unnecessarily on wheel repairs is to avoid damaging your wheels. Reckless driving can lead to wheel damage. Here are some ways to avoid damaging your mag wheels. 
Watch the curbs
Most of the damage that happens to car wheel finishes are typically caused by scraping a curb. Most of today’s wheels have protruding edges or the spokes curve outward past the edge of the rim. This makes it easy to pick up a curb rash. Sometimes, it is hard to avoid this especially when a curb jumps out at you when your car is moving. Or another driver may move into your lane and you will be forced to sideswipe a curb to save yourself from a collision. However, most of the time, parallel parking is normally the culprit. The most effective way to keep your rims in good shape is to make sure that you parallel park your car confidently and smoothly.

This can be one of the hardest driving skills to learn. However, it is possible. You can get some cones and practice in a parking lot until you perfect your skill. Most things that are worth learning need time and effort to perfect. If you have nice wheels, you should learn to park well to avoid spending money unnecessarily on the best mag wheel repair Sydney.

Clean carefully
What you use to clean your wheels with and how you clean your wheels can make a huge difference. When you try to clean your wheels with something that is not appropriate, you can damage them and this can cost you a lot of money. You should never use acid or steel wool to clean your wheels. Anything that purports to be a cleaning fluid for wheels but instructs you to rinse it within five minutes is an acid-based cleaner and can ruin your wheel. Acid is good at eating dirt from your wheel but it will also eat your wheel by damaging the clear coat. After using acid to clean your wheel, water and air will start getting through the clearcoat and corroding the mag wheel. This will create some awful patterns that cannot be polished or washed away.

If you want to clean your wheel without harming it, you should use water and gentle soap. Use soft cleaners to avoid scratching your wheels.

Be careful with full-service carwashes
Most full-service carwashes will try to have your car cleaned in the shortest time possible. Most of them use acid-based cleaners on your wheels. If you want to take your car to the carwash, you should ensure that you know what they are using on your wheels otherwise you will have to take your car to a mag wheel repair in Sydney service after the car wash. Some of the car wash services may not know if their cleaners are acid-based. Good cleaners should tell you what they use to clean your wheels and why they use it.


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