When should you immediately visit a back doctor?

There is always an obvious reason for back pain, and with time, it gets better. Resting, gently stretching, hot, or cold therapies, OTC pain relieves may help in your speedy recovery. However, if you are going through severe pain in your back, which is not getting better and occurs along with other infections. 

People with the problem of lower back pain might get help from back doctor Hollywood if things are not getting normal. If there are any kinds of symptoms such as difficulty in walking or moving legs, very severe pain, less sensation in legs or bowel, or bladder problem, without any delay, see a doctor. He will help you to know what is the reason behind your problem and will suggest an effective treatment. 

Here are some possible causes of lower back pain.

Strains and sprains 
These are common reasons for back pain. A strain occurs when someone tears or overstretches a tendon or a muscle, and in case of sprain is the same things happen to ligaments. Back strains and sprains can occur when you lift something too heavy or inappropriately, overuse, twist inappropriate way, or spot any injuries. 

Symptoms for strains and sprains can be swelling, tenderness, or muscle spasms — time to visit a back doctor Hollywood, a clinic nearby you to get better. 

Sudden injuries on the back 
Receiving a forceful impact on your back can lead to a cause of spinal damage. Such as herniated or vertebral fractures or ruptured disc. Possible reasons for these can be motor vehicle accidents, falls, or sports injuries. Back pain occurs soon after you got the injury. Other symptoms might include a numbing or tingling run down through the back to the leg.  Therefore you are feeling something like this; it is important to visit some specialist or back doctor Hollywood for a check-up. 

The treatment is done one the basis of the severity of the injury. A doctor might prescribe some medicine or some therapies or can go for surgery depending on the seriousness of the problem. 

Spinal Infections 
Harmful bacteria, fungi, or viruses can infect the tissues near the area of your spine. The spinal infections occur when infections from other parts of the body travel to the spine. It can also occur due to some kind of injury or spinal surgery or complications in conditions such as HIV, cancer, or diabetes. 

Some examples of a spinal infection are vertebral osteomyelitis, which is a spinal bone infection, and a spinal epidural abscess, which is a kind of infection that generally occurs around the spinal cord protective membrane. Symptoms of spinal infection include chills and fever, severe back pain, muscle spasms, etc. 

Nowadays, lower back pain is a very common thing. Though there are no obvious reasons always, but sometimes it can be an underlying condition due to injuries, infections, etc. Exercising regularly, practicing good postures, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be helpful. Seek immediate medical help if your back pain is not getting normal even after days, weeks, or months. 


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