What are prenuptial agreements? Why are they important?

If your marriage is not working, you can use prenuptial agreement or prenup. This is a good way to avoid financial and emotional problems that one usually faces in case of divorce. The agreement is between the couple and has no specific guidelines to it. 

It is advised to sign an agreement in the presence of a family attorney. This is because if it is known anyhow that the party was not honest with the financial matters, the agreement will be claimed invalid. This may also be the case if it prepared poorly. Therefore the presence of a family law attorney is important. They will guide you and will tell you the way to formulate an agreement.

The Prenuptial Agreements Broward are drafted carefully by experienced law attorney. They also overtime the agreements that are drafted poorly and needs some change. 

Basics of a Prenuptial Agreement

The terms of property rights of their marriage are often drafted in Prenuptial agreement or pre-marital agreements. These are usually done to the wealthy parties. These can be used for the following-

• Protecting the assets of one party 
• Clearing out what’s the responsibility of marriage and the financial rights
• Saves one party from the assumption that it may have about the debt the other party needs to pay. 

These agreements are categorised into two. One is a pre-nuptial agreement, and the other is a post-nuptial agreement. The pre-nuptial agreement is usually drafted and signed before the marriage, whereas a post-nuptial agreement is signed during the marriage. A well-drafted pre-nuptial agreement can be beneficial at times.  A Pre-nuptial Agreements Broward attorney help to draft a detailed and accurate agreement. 

Tips for signing a pre-nuptial agreement 

It is always important to speak to your fiancĂ© about it first. It is something not to hurry about. You must at least start taking measure two or three months before your big day. This is because you will never want to spoil your big day in case of legal matters. These matters take time and are more complex than emotional matters. 

You certainly sign the agreement before marriage. It may happen that one among the couple may not feel like to sign the agreement after the marriage. The most important thing that you need to do is consult an attorney who is highly experienced and skilled in these matters. 

The attorney will guide you throughout the process, starting from explaining the agreement until the drafting of the agreement. 

How are these agreements beneficial?
If you sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage, you will get to know the property rights before the marriage itself. The property rights will be discussed by the lawyer to both the parties. The agreement is a way to avoid any kind of misunderstanding within the couple. It is time-consuming to divide the marital property. The Pre-nuptial Agreements Broward attorney lessens the burden for you. 

It is cost-effective to hire an attorney from Broward for both the parties. 


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