Holi - The Colorful Carnival

A quick introduction

Holi Festival is a crucial fiesta of Hindus. It is commemorated in Southern part of Asia and the countries around. Primarily it is celebrated in Nepal and India. And to be more precise more extensively celebrated in these countries. The fiesta goes on for 2 or three days. In India the festival continues to go on for 5 days in a row. The masses on this day gush each other with fascinating deep-colored water. While on the other hand ready numerous dishes and sweets. The celebration begins with the end of chilly weather and beginning of springtime.

The Chronicle of Holi

Holi is a festival which is rooted on a tale which narrates more on Hiranyakashipu. He was a king. However, he had a son named Prahlad who followed Lord Vishnu strictly. But on the contrary, the Hiranyakashipu did not liked Lord Vishnu at all. It was his wish to kill Lord Vishnu's so. So he had a sister named, Holika. She was having a mystical robe. The power of the robe was to protect the one using it. So she along with the son of Hiranyakashipu sat on the raging fire. It was an obvious thing that she will be not harmed but son of Hiranyakashipu might be burned to death. But the scenario reversed here completely wherein the son of Hiranyakashipu was safe and sound while Holika, had herself killed by the fire. Hence this means that one who is under the blessed hands of God cannot be harmed, no matter what the enemy attempts to do.

What does it bring along?

The deep-colored and vibrancy of the colors is expected to pull in tons of more positive happenings in one's life. As holi festival is the carnival of colors which in reality is an occasion which should be enjoyed to the fullest. The fiesta of Holi is so famed that it is happily celebrated in almost every part of India. The carnival of Holi is begun by firing up the bonfire right one day prior to its celebration. The entire activity marks the victory of good over evil. On the auspicious day of the Holi fest, people caper along the vibrant colors with family, companions, colleagues and neighbours. The celebration is not just limited to playing with colors along the known, but it is capered with the strangers as well. Just like an individual who is mid of his journey is free to join and play as he is far off from his residence. 


What message does the colorful carnival convey? The fiesta of colors delivers the message to burn the bad memories and ego. While clearing the heart for new relationships, while strengthening the existing ones. These relationship might have gotten sour/bitter over the past few days over some or the other happenings. So it is the time to clean the heart and welcome those people once again and getting rid of the negative vibes forever. As the message of Holi festival is that eventually evil loses the match to the noble/greater good.


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