Common Pain during pregnancy and their causes

Someone has said right that going through a pregnancy is not easy. Along with happiness, a pregnant woman also goes through a lot of pain. Some women go through more pain and some less, but they all have to face it. With these pains and body aches come the different health issues and discomfort also. But as the body structure and pregnancy of every pregnant woman is different, so one may or may not feel these health issues. The pregnant women should not get worried if they feel such pain. As it is usual and normal at the time of pregnancy. Below, we will share some more info about the pregnancy-related pain and aches, so that you all become aware of it.

Pregnancy-Related Pains and Aches

A pregnant woman may feel pain in different body parts. It sometimes also depends on which trimesters you are in. From a headache to lower back pain, leg cramps to pain in the belly, you may feel these types of pains during your pregnancy. Some women may also have the heartburn problem due to the changes that are occurring in their body, be it physical change or hormonal change. Pregnant women may also face the problem of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, and it is very painful. Headaches are common during the 1st trimester. And leg cramps are felt generally during second and third trimesters especially because of your increasing weight and increasing size of uterus day by day.

Medications for Pregnancy-Related Pain

These types of pregnancy-related pains are common to feel during pregnancy. As such, there is no pain medicine while pregnant. But still, you can consult your gynecologists about it. You can share the problem with your doctor and can ask them if they can suggest you any kind of medication. But without asking your doctor, we do not suggest you take any over the counter medicine. As it may affect your fetus also and can cause other problems also.

Other treatments for Pregnancy Pain

As such, there is no permanent treatment for pregnancy pain and aches. But you may ask your doctor about some exercises which can help you out. There are some exercises for pregnant women which helps in easing out the lower back pain or cramps. But do only those exercises which your doctor suggests you. You can even try putting a hot water bottle or heating pad or cold compress at the area with the pain. During pregnancy, most women face pain because of the bad body posture also. As they are not much aware of the right posture. So, you can ask about all this from your doctor. And make sure whatever treatment you are doing for your pain, first ask your doctor.

When to consult the doctor?

In case, if you feel the pain constantly, then you should check with your doctor. Or if you feel a sudden jerk in your tummy which is causing much pain then also you need to contact your doctor. In the third trimester, during the last two to three weeks, if you feel more pain apart from the contractions, then immediately rush to doctor. As per the requirement, the doctor will suggest you pain medication pregnancy trimester according.


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