Aerial Photography in Real Estate Business: Know the Advantages and Limitations

Drone photography is a hot topic among real estate agents nowadays. This is due to its capability to catch high-quality aerial pictures and videos of real estate. Drone technology plays a big role in the creation of compelling promotion that is sure to lure prospective homebuyers to book more showings and ultimately lead to more sales.

Real auctions are aware of the power of excellent photography service and are happily implementing drone videos as a big part of their digital marketing campaigns. In reality, it is strongly advised for all real estate agents to use real estate HDR photo editing service to ensure they are not missing out on prospective leads.

The Realtor did a study and the results were definite, that videos matter! Over 70% of home buyers said they would prefer to list their property with a real estate agent who uses videos in their results, but less than 5% of real estate agents are using videos.

The stats speak for themselves. Home buyers are always yearning for more information about houses they are looking at on the internet. Over 90% of home buyers nowadays begin their search on the internet, so adding videos to results is an excellent way to ensure it is stand out.Remember, a real estate purchase is usually one of the most significant investments that people can certainly make, so it’s important to demonstrate the real estate to ensure it is more enticing for the prospective buyer.


• Create More Impressive Pictures
With GPS feature, drones can amazingly catch professional photos of a real estate from different views in addition to a common look at the region, resulting in an overview of the whole space. Compared to conventional ground-based photography, aerial photography is likely to draw more people’s attention, especially those looking for extensive properties. This kind of real estate is rather large for purchasers to walk around and assess in a common way, so using drones really comes in handy. And clients can catch the best look at all areas at once to develop the ultimate decision.

• Create Virtual Tours
Thanks to programmable flight paths, an interesting trip of the home can be produced by dint of drones. A drone is designed to fly easily throughout the home, from the front to the back, and even in all areas to help clients imagine the whole home. Such a natural tour is likely to make an impression on clients much more than merely station-based photography. According to the recent report by the Multiple Listing Service, properties presenting aerial pictures are 68% quicker sold than those presenting virtually station-based images.

• Emphasize Key Features
Through aerial images, outstanding popular functions of the real estate can be marketed, including gardens, landscaping, pool, etc. Based on prospective buyers’ demands, you can choose specific functions to highlight with drones. Just an aerial photography service of the whole yard would illustrate how huge the property is.

• Save Marketing Money
Aerial pictures used to be taken by pilots in choppers, which cost real estate agents a huge sum of cash for overhead images. Consequently, aerial photography was limited to high-end properties. However, the innovation of drones has reduced the production expense of aerial pictures, assisting more buyers’ access to this modern technology.

• Create Business Opportunities
Showing aerial pictures in your listing is a good way of setting you apart from the rest. many sites use drones for real estate photography, you can make an impression on prospective sellers for being competent to advertise their real estate amazingly. Thus, the number of visits to your website and clients using marketing will be enhanced to a large degree. Not only the ex-owners themselves, but marketers can also enjoy the profit of selling properties quicker.


• Short Lifespan
Drones’ battery design is relatively smaller as compared to traditional cameras, so the duration is only four hours at the most. Consequently, users must renew their device frequently to succeed well.

• Privacy Concerns
The reality that drones fly around to catch both the home and the around environment may breach the comfort of other residents. Several unwanted photos may be accidentally taken on the screen, such as the scene of a partially dressed woman lying in the sun in her own backyard. Thus, it is advisable that you ask for nearby householders’ permission to display up on camera during aerial photography functions.

• Security Risk
Using drones to catch the whole place can expose real estate weaknesses to criminals. Because all taken pictures are promoted on the internet or on advertising advertisements, the danger of the real estate being broken into cannot be neglected.

In conclusion, the aerial photograph is simply amazing, but it will never guarantee you a selling. The reality that you have an aerial photograph doesn’t matter; what matters is what is in it. Your photographs must be providing value by teaching and informing the customer. Is it something that the customer needs from the realtor? Then don’t waste your time, If the answer is NO.


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