The “Formula One” tyre revolution: From 1986 till present

Ever since the first season of World Championship of Drivers in 1950, tyres used in the renowned Formula One has revolutionised the racing sports industry. Many renowned brands sponsor the race or particular drivers including Goodyear tyres in Dubai that helped in putting an optimistic impact on sports as a whole. Let’s go back in time and find out more!

1986: Advance move for Williams
William, in 1986 took another leap forward unveiling the most high-tech vehicle of that time; the Williams Honda FW11. It came, set a new standard for others to adopt and ruled for the entire season. The dual and turbo-charged Honda 4 CAM V6 is extremely powerful engine being fitted to run the car. It used significant electronic micro processing equipment to manage the boost, injection and ignition requisites.

1992: Improvement in the aerodynamics
Further breakthrough improvements were made to the aerodynamics of the cars that were lower in terms of height, longer in length and more streamline than ever. A higher air intake that mounted over the cockpit was forced down and out of the vehicle’s rear that added down-force which is still seen in many cars nowadays. Not to mention sports specific wheels such as Goodyear tyres in Dubai that you can buy at many renowned tyre outlets or even online looking carefully over the internet.

1992: The fall of Brabham
Yet another revolution came in 1992 when the colourful Braham’s BT60 experienced several upgrades to the chassis that went throughout the season however, the team failed in making an impression even after the addition of Damon Hill as they finished 11th in the Hungarian Grand Prix. This was the last Brabham to participate in F1 Championship race due to financial troubles faced by the team later. Their involvement with the sport has been over four decades!

The FIA principles
Following the aerodynamics, the next biggest contributor to shape the Formula One industry is compliance with FIA regulations. For years, the protocols dictated particular measurement for almost every part and technical aspect of the vehicle from roll bar to the driver’s helmet. Other considerations were given to front-wing endplates along with many other factors.

Special instructions were for tyres that need being 100-percent perfect such as Goodyear tyres in Dubai and the real concerns were about safety of both; the driver and the vehicle. In between 1967 and 1997, there’ve been approximately 16 fatalities involving fatalities whereas around 27 to 30 serious injuries sustained during the race. Many of the drivers that experienced injuries or worse, met their fate were leading the sport with largest fan following, being respected everywhere.

1998: Restriction on wholly slick tyres
The 70s and 80s presented faster cars and larger tyres till the FIA regulations intervened and slowed things to a certain extent, only for driver’s safety. A law was introduced in 1993 stating the maximum width of the rear tyres of the sports cars were to be reduced from 18 to 15 inches. As a result, road traction to a certain extent was compromised thereby reducing speed ultimately.

Formula One cars in the present age are more of a technical marvel and masterpiece in terms of aerodynamic but one thing remained unchanged and that’s trusted tyre brand such as Goodyear tyres in Dubai.

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