The Best Testosterone Therapy Recommended By Specialist

Some men with low levels of testosterone, undergoes treatment and in some cases base from a report, it increases energy levels, sex drive and even moods. Some are thought to replace its level if they have a very low level of testosterone, but not so fast. It doesn’t always need a treatment. There are form of testosterone therapy that might cause some side effects and this long term risk and benefits are not known among individuals. Men with symptoms of low testosterone level and blood level are only confirming to undergo testosterone replacement. An advice from a specialist in the only way to know if this testosterone therapy is good for you.
Subtle symptoms of low testosterone

Some symptoms of having low testosterone are pretty obvious while some are not known and most men are not aware of it. Testosterone level slowly appears to men as they age each year. Some symptoms include, erectile dysfunction or being impotent, decrease muscle mass, having difficulties in concentration, depression, easily get irritated, low sense of wellbeing, fatigue and poor energy level and low sex drive. There are three different forms of testosterone therapy. One is the intramuscular injection of the mixed testosterone esters 250mg. Second is the subcutaneous implantation of 6x100mg pellets of fused testosterone, and lastly the oral administration of testosterone undecanoate (TU) 80mg twice a day.  During an eight week period, there are six Hypogonadal men who were treated with oral testosterone Undecanoate.      

Monitoring the level of your testosterone

Hormones made some response in injecting testosterone esters which were studied in nine  Hypogonadal males. The general conclusion of testosterone level is subject to receive testosterone esters 250 mg every 3 weeks was 27.7 nmol/1/ While serum Oestradiol (E2) levels still remained within the normal range throughout the research periods on both testosterone undecanoate and implant therapy. Every five months, testosterone implantation must be administered and in during every three weeks, testosterone esters were injected, but were 7-8 times higher for testosterone Undecanoate which happens 2 times a day. Ranging from about 300 to 900 nanograms per deciliter is the normal level of testosterone. That is why, if men who has a low level or fall within that range should be advised and benefit from therapy, recommended by some urologist and must be maintained and have a good supply of medicine and undergo some surgery if possible.

The most suggested corporal form of therapy that gives the fewer side effects

So therefore concluded that testosterone implantation remains the most corporal form of androgen substitute therapy, which is totally well accepted, considered and presented by fewer side effects. But this showed a supraphysiological peak within 24-48 hrs after the testosterone injected. This is also considered as a fact for aiming the organ metabolite 3 alphas, 5 alphas-androstane-, 17 beta-diol. In which time serial serum of hormones was estimated and were performed over 10 hours of performing and after 4 and 8 weeks of therapy. The major mean testosterone level was determined from the profile of testosterone undecanoate was 12.0 nmol/1.

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