How To Avoid Dangerous Methandienone Side Effects

Methandienone is one of the commonly known performances enhancing anabolic steroid. The steroid is also known by various other names called Averbol, Danabol or Dianabol. The steroid had gained prominence in the field of body building for the capability of causing dramatic effects in a very short period of time. Today the drug is considered a schedule iii drug by the US anabolic steroids act. Therefore the drug can be possessed only with a legal prescription but due to its demand in the field of body building the steroid is being sold online. Despite the immense benefits that it might have one should be careful of the negative side effects that it might have. Various websites like the have warned people about the side effects and also how to overcome them.

One of the main side effects of Methandienone is that it is said to be a middle estrogenic steroid that can be readily aromatised by the body. This causes gynecomastia or in simpler terms Male breast enlargement. For this purpose it is very important to take anti-estrogen during the cycle to regulate the estrogen level in the body. This could come an expensive alternative for many but websites like have suggested it to be a way of minimizing the side effects.

Some of the possible other side effects include high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, male pattern baldness, water retention and bloating. It also inhabits the production of natural testosterone in the body. Therefore taking testosterone supplements is essential. Sometimes hypertension, increased aggression and liver toxicity are also seen in many users of the steroid. Another and very important side effect of the steroids is that in rare cases it leads to the enlargement of the heart as well. This could make you prone to the risk of heart attacks in future. Therefore it is very important that while on the Methandienone cycle any kind of side effects should be seriously monitored before it’s too late.

Another important consideration to be taken into account for dealing with the dangerous side effects is the dosing cycle. A proper dosing cycle should be followed at all times. Ideally the dosage for the steroid should be around 10 mg if you are a beginner and starting with the dose for the first time. Once the body gets accustomed the dosage could be increased up to 50 mg per day. The dose should be taken only once prepay for a cycle running up to 3-6 weeks. After which it is advisable to be off all steroids ideally for a period of 2-3 weeks.  The dosage could be increased if desired results are not obtained but should never go beyond 100 mg.  Women should keep the dosage down to 5 mg-10 mg pre day. The steroid is quiet effective in improving protein synthesis, increasing lean muscle mass and maintaining positive nitrogen balance. All these gains will be a plus provided the side effects are monitored and dealt with strictly and the recommended dosage is followed.

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