Understanding The Food Chain On This Earth For Balance in Life!

In life, human beings require balance from food. This balance is in the form of male and female energy that comes from animals and plants. This is called the alchemy of life and it helps you to know your balance and spread happiness in the world. The Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer is an international healing community that is spreading this awareness and helping people on how they can find this balance in life.

Understanding the food chain of animals and plants 

There are several people who believe that eating meat is a sin. They state that meat means killing an animal. However, plants too have life and people eat plants. If you closely examine it, you are killing plants as well. Animals eat plants for their survival so when you eat meat you are actually killing a walking plant. This is the food chain of life. In short, what you give you shall receive and death brings life. It is a cycle that has significance in the world and the Group is preaching this wisdom to its followers. 

Changing beliefs 

Often you will find people believing that eating meat is wrong in every way. They are not happy with the way the poor animal is slaughtered and killed for meat. However, if you look at the sources of food today, you will find that everything you consumed is produced on an extensive level- mass production. This means that you are dependent on these processes for your food. The members of this Group say that you have the power to transform the energy of this food that you consume in a positive way.

Transformation of energy from negative to positive 

When food in the form of a plant or an animal is offered to you on the table, offer gratitude and say a prayer for the plant or animal. This small gesture of yours positively impacts and transforms the energy directed towards the food. You can thank the plant or the animal for being your source of subsistence and offer a silent prayer for giving it peace for dying in this way. With this gesture, you directly make a sincere heart connected with the food and this helps you get aligned with the Sacred Law of Nature. 

Alignment with Grandmother Earth 

When you are at the dining table, you should look attentively at each piece of food and envision it in its natural form healthy and alive. Reflect for some time and think about the sweetness and the value of the food you are able to consume.  Offer your prayers of thanks and transform the energy to a positive channel. In this simple manner, you are aligned with Grandmother Earth with success. 

The Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer is a healing group that spreads wisdom and knowledge across the world through its meetings, seminars and workshops. It discloses the secrets of life and make living happy and blissful for everyone. The Group helps you to live in harmony with animals and plants making it widely sought after in the world today!


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