Pool supplies you particularly need for kids and young swimmers

For many children, water is fun and fascinating. And parents are rightfully concerned and cautious when it comes to water. When kids are near water, be it a tiny swimming pool or the massive ocean, parents become very careful because kids aren't fully aware of the dangers. If the numbers are to be believed, then kids have a higher risk of drowning even in very little water – whether at home or playing on vacation.

A few dos and don'ts are to be followed like the pool's barrier should surround the entire pool like a barrier or fence.

For kids or adults, playing in the water can be fun and soothing, but safety equipment is mandatory to reduce the risk of drowning and other water emergencies.

The Life Saver pool fence from Toronto pool supplies is easy to install and includes all materials required. This pool fence protects kids from quickly entering the pool with 12 feet of fencing and five connecting poles. The wall is made of mesh and heavy gauge aluminium. The fence may include a self-closing or self-latching gate for kids water safety which usually is sold separately.

There is a safety gate lock available which is childproof with a lift knob and has a 6-pin security lock to match other locks around the home. This magnetic latch has the latest technology with easy-to-read lock status popping red light indicator. This latch can be installed on wood, metal, and any other gates for the best water safety and protection.

The Toronto pool supplies child life vest jacket available is made of nylon and polyethene foam for floating when boating or playing in the water pool. It's designed with three adjustable straps to fit the child securely. This life jacket is Coast Guard-approved for children weighing 30 – 50 pounds.

The Safety Float Lines can be used to mark restricted water areas in the pool. It makes is of 18 feet of ⅜ poly rope and seven floats. This also includes a sturdy brass hook to securely latch onto sturdy objects around the pool and securely lock in place. 

The Water pool net is for pool owners who have rectangular and round pools. The UV-approved polyethylene pool net is easy to install and fit the basin entirely available in multiple net sizes. This pool net is designed to avoid children from easy pool access with stable anchors that hold the net sturdy in place to cover the pool. It comes with a system of reels, which helps in easy and hassle-free storage of the net when not in use.

The Pool guard pool alarm system includes an indoor receiver to be placed within 200 feet of the pool. The pool alarm's receiver battery lasts up to 1 year, and mechanically sounds a coffee battery alert.

Make sure to Always assign an adult to keep an eye on kids at all times when playing around or inside the pool. And make sure a lifeguard is on duty when using public pools.

Kids water safety is a serious concern for parents, but the worries are at heights during warmer months.


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