How Can Real estate industry be impacted by Blockchain?

The impact of blockchain is really expanding a lot. You can find its influence on many industries and one such industry is of real estate.  This is a technology that has apparently been embraced by many stakeholders and businessmen.

What really this technology is?
By permitting digital information to get distributed but not copied blockchain technology formed the backbone of a fresh type of internet. It was originally devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin; the technology world is now finding other possible usages for the technology. Of course, it is also considered miraculous as Blockchain in real estate India.

Link between blockchain and real estate
It might be somewhere years before the blockchain technology actually made its way into real estate. It is in a budding stage and the universe is still experimenting with it.  But yes, since the experiments are getting done and things are planned out; the latter is doing wonders.

First of all, smart contracts are not going to only automate the process of leasing property sites but even bring in a smoother and much faster contract management process that accelerates the processes included in finalizing deals. It is seen by most of the industry players that blockchain is going to facilitate creation, authentication and also smoother audit processes of contracts in real-time, all across the geographies and that too in the absence absence of any need of a third party!

Since smart contracts possess regulations and instructions designed and combined into the transaction, it makes sure that the payment can only be finished when all the conditions are fulfilled and in a procedure compliant with all the rules stated. It is something that helps one in forming complete transparency in the procedure and hence, diminishes the likelihood of transactional disputes by forming confidence among all the parties.

Moreover this Technology is also lending additional liquidity to the CRE sector. It is simplify the exchange of assets between different parties that have registered all the investments they have on the ledger. It is something that would permit the people to multiply the cash flow in a more efficient manner, identify prices of assets in an effective manner and hence, form more liquidity for fresh issuers on the block.  Apart from storing information in a safe manner, blockchain technology makes sure that no data gets lost by storing historical data. It can possibly shorten the conventional cumbersome process of recording and exchanging titles, all of such with the additional advantage of transparency constructed into the process!

And not to forget that blockchain technology can also eradicate the requirement of middlemen, agents and also brokers in the real estate operations by dispersing all information. It is something that would make the procedure of finding property listings much more comfortable and efficient. Including the blockchain ledger system in real estate might reduce the additional commission price and the hassle involved in making all the transactions and investments, mainly in the Commercial Real Estate Sector.

So, you can make the most of real estate blockchain India if you do it the right way. Whether buying, selling or doing any investment in property; this technology is a boon for you.


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