Types of signs – the right choice for your business

Every business needs to have their own unique signage that represents them and differentiates them from the crowd of other businesses offering the same service or the product. The first thing that impacts any consumer towards your product/ service is your sign. Thus, deciding which sign type would suit your company the most is one crucial element that most people tend to overlook while establishing or re-positioning their company. A signage is presentation of your company and you must make sure that it is attractive enough to engage a large audience or your potential customers, for your product/ service. 

However, there are multiple types of signage that you must know them to select the best one for your company.

Pylon Signs 
These are the big and tall signs that meant for visibility from a distance. Business like hotels, gas stations, restaurant often use them

For example, The McDonald's chain use such signage that are big and people could recognise them from a distance. However, there could be a type that has combination of 2 signs making the customised sign that would be discussed later. These signs can advertise single business or several at a time. They are commonly used in shopping centres to advertise the businesses within.

Poly signs and Monuments signs
Pole signs are the signs made on a single poll. They are similar with pylon signs but have only one company or business listed.

The other type of sign are monument signs. However, they have a low profile. They could be made of variety of materials like concrete, wood, brick etc. These signs gets placed at the entrance to parking lot or a building. There could be one company name on them or could list all the companies in that complex.

Directional signs
These are the signs that provides information on where to find the business. These could be very common signage seen on roads as they direct you towards a specific business or company. They are usually meant to viewed from you vehicle. Naperville Illinois sign are a part of it since they give you direction of how to run your vehicle on roads.

Vehicle wraps
Another type of signage is vehicle wraps. This is a technique in which you cover your car or bus or truck or any other vehicle with graphics of your company. This method is very useful for promotion of your business, the reach of this is wide and attracts many of potential buyers towards your company.

Backlit signs
Backlit signs are the most attractive signage preferred by majority of businesses today. These are the illuminated signs that make your company's signage or icon more attractive and visible to the consumers. The are best visible in the dark surrounding or simply at night.

Customise signage
Combination of two of more sign types to create one is the customised signage. The example of McDonald's outlet could be considered here. It is pylon sign in the day as it matches all the characteristics of it and as the night arrives, it starts to shine. The illuminated backlit sign is visible from distant. This is how both the signs gets joined to created one customised signage. Naperville sign creators have made it possible to customise your unique design or sign at reasonable prices.


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