5 Natural Tips to Care for Hair to Do At Home

Expensive and store- brought hair care products are absolutely of no use if you do not have a regular hare care regime to follow at home. A natural and healthy glow to your hair can only be added when you have taken care of your luscious manes. If you have spent at least an hour per week for taking care of your hair, which includes hot oil massage, using protein pack like curd and aloe vera, and washing hair with mild and natural shampoo. 

Washing, oiling and conditioning you hair with natural remedies is always a good way to help the hair bear all the external wear and tear. To help people who have almost no idea what to apply and how to apply at home for healthy, and frizz- free hair, here’s a few tips to care for hair you can do at home. This will always help the hair stay healthy despite all the chemicals, heats and styling you force it to go through. 

Use Oil 
Oil is the natural conditioner that can help your hair stay soft, smooth, and give the healthy glow you always wanted. If you have dry and frizzy hair, coconut oil is an excellent remedy, start with massaging warm coconut oil from scalp to ends. One can add castor oil in it for deep conditioning. Cover the hair for 30 minutes, and then wash as normal. 

Apart from oiling before shampooing, you can use oils as de- tangle as well. Rosemary oil is an excellent option to help detangle the hair after a tough day. This way you could save the hair from the harsh chemical sprays. 

Hair Masks 
Use a natural hair pack. Mix castor oil and egg white for a protein- filled hair pack. One can use curd and honey into their hair for a healthy hair. Honey and coconut oil is an excellent natural hair mask to get rid of stubborn dandruff. Washing hair with ketomac shampoo after that help people get rid of hair fall and dandruff simultaneously. 

How can we forget aloe vera when it comes to take care of hair naturally and at home? Applying only a couple of spoons of aloe vera does wonder to our hair. Aloe vera is soothing, stimulate hair growth and help them shine by restoring pH balance from the very first use. 
Apart from that henna hair mask, banana hair mask, and sandalwood and liquorice pack in the summer. Sandalwood powder, lime juice and liquorice power pack soothes irritated scalp softening the hair. Choose any of these masks as per the availability of the ingredients present at home. We bet you will love the results after rinsing the pack. 

Over shampooing is harmful. But if you are doing that after hot oil massage, you hair will be able to bear the damage caused by over application of shampoo. Reetha and shikakkai are an excellent way to make a natural and homemade shampoo at home without damaging the hair. One can try that. 

Apple cider vinegar
Never forget to rinse your hair with conditioner after washing it. Why go for chemical and store – brought remedies when you have apple cider vinegar and beer at home. Use beer 15 minutes before washing your hair; and apply apple cider vinegar after hair wash. 

Switch to these natural hair care remedies and you will see the positive results in your hair.


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