Big Cheers to Diverse Events

If you are in Delhi and still cribbing about your humdrum life then you need to really wake up and smell the coffee. Of course, the city witnesses plenty of events throughout the weeks and months. Whether it is a weekend or a mid-week day; you can find diverse events getting organized. From crafts to entertainment; theatre to dance; music to learning; everything is available through exciting events.
For example, you can check out plenty of events that always stay lined up to take place at a popular place of Delhi called Pragati Maidan. The place houses myriad events throughout the weeks. Whether it’s evening or other time of the day, you can find something going on therein. So, how about checking out some of the events that you can relish at this spot!

Coin Exhibition 2017
If you are a flair for coins then you can check out an excellent event revolving around different types of coins. The event is taking place on Saturday, 23rd September 2017 from 10pm to 7pm.This exhibition is going to be organized by Coin Exhibition in conjunction with MUSEUM HERITAGE TRADE FAIR. The motive of this event is to bring together both domestic and foreign old dealers and to fascinate collectors, designers, professionals and art buffs from around the globe.This Exhibition is going to be an unbelievable access to myriad of the premium exhibitors who have “one of a type” show that caters the attendees the best of everything that exists.

Music and Melodies
In case you love music then you must not miss out different musical and rock performances that take place at this spot. The Madan hosts plenty of shows of bands, musical teams and celebrities. You can enjoy a great evening with your dear ones at this place. What can be more enhancing and peppy than witnessing live performances of your celebrated singers, instrumentalists, performers and artists? These musical events can take you into another world of pleasure and glee.

A peep into this prominent Maidan
It is a prominent exhibition centre of Delhi that serves as a significant fascination for locals and visitors. It is a massive complex of buildings, stretching over 150 acres. It is scattered with plenty of lawns, witnessing the charmed historic Purana Qila that stands opposite Gate no 1.This complex has plenty of pavilions such as the Nehru Pavilion, the Indira Pavilion, the Defence Pavilionand the Son of India Pavilion.The garden Madan also possesses variousbuilding that are constructed in different shapes and sizes. It also houses an auditorium wherein plays and Rock showstake place. And another interesting thing is that there is also an internal shuttle service for the ones who do not want to walk.TheMaidan also has a movie theatre known as Shakuntalam. It is very popular among the youngsters since it has cheaper tickets.

Thus, there can nothing be better than enjoying a quality time at a beautiful event. Even if you want to learn new things, you can attend different events that take place here. These events house professionals and prodigies to share their tips and ideas. So, when are you going to check out different events of this Madan?

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