List of the Upcoming Top 3 4G VoLTE Feature Phones!

The 4 G VoLTE stands for the 4G voice calls and is one of the features that are being appropriated in the phones. 4G as popularly considered does not only stand for the better internet of downloading facility but to improve normal voice calls. Now if you are wondering how to get a superior call quality with improved coverage and connectivity and better video calling, then there is a short list of 4G VoLTE feature phones, which are slowly making their way into the market. Primarily these phones are used for 4G calling and texting and are not smart touch screen phones, but keypad phones, which support 4G SIM cards. 

Over a period the requirement of faster communication has been increased, and therefore there are many people who rely on the communication through internet. With the help of 4G VoLTE phone to call over the internet becomes easier and faster. It helps one to communicate through various messengers as well as a call over the internet. However, for effective communication, high speed internet connection is required, and that facility is availed on the VoLTE phones in a better manner. Here are some important devices on which this facility is available, and one who seeks better option can go through the list of 4G Volte feature phones, which are yet just three in number and yet to hit the market.

The Reliance Jio Phone – 1500 INR

The Reliance Company with its massive marketing of the 4G Jio SIM cards literally took over every other leading network brands. Now you can use the JIO SIM card for 4G calling if you buy the Reliance JIO phone which has the capability to support a 4G connection. This phone can only be used for calling, texting, and basic browser surfing. The phone has a 2.4 inches screen with a pixel density of 167 PPI. It has a very basic primary camera of 0.3 MP and no front camera. Expected to launch in September 2017, this phone has an expandable memory of up to 16 GB. Apart from that, you can use the phone as a music player or tune into any radio channel. The device has image resolution as 640 x 480 pixels, and the camera possesses digital zooming. Hence if you want to buy a phone just to avail 4G voice calling in your day to day business, then this is your perfect choice. The device is also in a low price range, and hence one does not need to worry about budget also. The calling quality on this device will also be quite good as per the expectations of experts in the field. 

Intex Turbo Plus 4G – 1999 INR

This phone is expected to release in August 2017 and is an attempt by the Intex brand to launch a 4G phone into the market. Falling under similar category this phone is also specifically made to support 4G calling. The phone comes with a single SIM card slot. The display screen size is 2.4 inches or 6.1cm, and the screen resolution is 240 x 320 pixels. The pixel density is 167 PPI. The phone consists of a Quad Core processor and 512 Mb RAM. It has an internal memory of 4GB which can be expanded upto 32 GB and a primary camera of 2MP. The image resolution is of 1600 x 1200 pixels, and the camera supports digital zooming. There is also a front camera of 0.3 MP. This phone has a lithium ion battery of 2000 mAh. You can play games, listen to music or browse basic surfing sites on this phone. The phone also has additional features such as a calculator, stopwatch, world clock, calendar, and alarm. Those, who feel that there is a scarcity of such devices in the market, the Intex Turbo is there to eliminate the myth. It is also a device that cannot create a huge burden on one’s pocket and hence in next few months calling on the internet will surely at its highest. 

Micromax Bharat 1 –2499 INR

The release date of the phone is speculated to be in December 2017. The phone has a dual core 1.1 GHz processor which is built on Spreadtrum chipset and has 512 MB RAM. The display size is 2.4 inches or 6.1 cm, and the screen resolution is 240 x 320 pixels with the pixel density equivalent to 167 PPI. The phone has a primary camera of 2MP with a LED flash and a battery of 1500 mAH which is also removable. The phone has got dual SIM card slots and an internal storage memory space of 4GB which can be expanded to 32 GB. The phone support 4G Indian bands and helps in smooth voice calling. If you want to buy a 4G VoLTE featured phone then this can be a good choice since it is inexpensive, light weight and has a good battery backup. The Indian brand is also much known among the smartphone lovers as it has a huge range of devices in the market. One can rely on the quality of the device as well as the brand that has created own user base despite tough competition in the market. The brand has a huge network of service centre also which is a positive point for the buyers. 

To conclude, it can be said that using 4G connections in a smart phone often results in fast depletion of charge since 4G voice calling is made through the internet. A solution to this is to carry a simple and primitive keypad phones, which can be specifically used for uninterrupted 4G calling using the 4G internet and reducing the headaches regarding your smart phone getting switched off due to fast depleting charge. Thus, the 4G VoLTE feature phone India is the new talk within the mobile circles. The revolution in the field of communication is just a few months away in India, and the best part is it will be cost effective also.

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