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Selling a home might seem like a hassle, but it isn’t if you put your best foot forward. Whatever home improvements you make aren’t in vain. Your efforts will increase the resale value of your home and your chances of landing a serious buyer.

In this post, we shall see what selling a home entails, including handy selling tips and ways to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency.

What To Expect When Selling a Home
Whether you’re listing a home for sale or hiring a property agent, you must keep these things in mind to make a successful sale.

Remember that impressions matter. Prepare your home by decluttering and cleaning to improve curb appeal.

Before you list your home for sale, arrange a home inspection. Ask your agent to provide you with a checklist of what the inspector would like to see. Perform necessary repairs after this seller’s inspection uncovers areas that need further attention.

Find out the selling points of your home and the best way to convey them. You can do it yourself or ask your agent to run a marketing campaign for you. Consider a virtual tour online consisting of the best photos of your home.

Next, you have to get the word out, and this means having your home listed. Around 50% of home buyers find their homes online. So, you or your agent should share photos and descriptions of your home across your social networks.

Get an appraisal of your home, so you know how much it’s worth. Keep the listing price in line with recently sold homes in your neighborhood. Try to get other estimates if the first appraisal is low.

If there are problems with your property, you have to declare it in a seller’s disclosure form. The title company should be aware of existing covenants, restrictions, and conditions, if any.

Home Selling Tips
Here are seven tips to make your home attractive to would-be buyers and increase the chances of closing a sale:
  1. Carry out repairs - Fix leaky water pipes, sticky cabinets, and rotted window frames. Small changes may seem insignificant, but they do add up in the mind of a buyer.
  2. Light up the home - Use natural and artificial light. Open the blinds or curtains.
  3. Pack up - You’re selling your home, not your items. Declutter your home by removing and storing your photos, portraits, artifacts. You want to make sure buyers see you home for what it is not what it has.
  4. Repaint the walls - A new coat of paint will give your home a major facelift. Combine natural tones with a neutral dose to add some oomph.
  5. Organize - Help new buyers envision how your home can help them live stress-free lives.
  6. Rearrange furniture - Ensure your furniture placement doesn’t block foot traffic so buyers can move around and get the best views. Move out excess furniture or borrow if you don’t have enough or the right kind.
  7. Regulate the temperatures - Sweltering indoors or freezing rooms can put a blemish on your home. Be sure that the visitors feel comfortable while touring the home. Turn on your air conditioner in summer and heater in winter.
Energy-Efficient Upgrades To Help Sell Your Home
Many buyers are conscious of energy costs. Before you list your home, do the following upgrades. It will make your home more attractive to prospective buyers.
  • Install new windows - Old windows can propagate draught and increase energy spending. Updating your windows can help you save up to 15% on monthly energy bills.
  • Replace your HVAC - Your heating and cooling system accounts for 43% of the monthly energy bill. By replacing your old unit, you can slash the recurring monthly bills by 30%. Depending on the size and brand, the replacement costs can run into thousands of dollars. But it’s well worth it.
  • Upgrade to a tankless heater - Traditional water heaters are bulky, loud, and consume a lot of energy. Switching to a tankless heater can unlock energy savings that you’ll pass to a prospective homebuyer.
  • Reinsulate your home - Many people overlook this aspect of weatherproofing their home, yet it can reduce the cost of heating and cooling their homes. By reinsulating, the house will require less energy to condition the indoors.
  • Get energy-efficient appliances - About 15% of energy consumption goes to appliances. Upgrading your appliances can help a potential homebuyer realize they will save a decent amount of money that they can put into other use.
Selling a home might seem hard, but once you get the hang of things, you will find it easy. You can list the house yourself or work with an agent who’ll help you with appraisals and home inspections.

And remember that impressions matter. Carry out repairs and clean up your home to improve curb appeal. Most potential homebuyers want to save money on future energy bills. By implementing the necessary home improvements home buyers can save a bundle on their Peoples Gas utility bill which is a big perk when buying a home.

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