Top Considerations For Planning An Engagement Ring

Even though a truly wide range of rings, including the gothic engagement ring, are available off ring store shelves, if you desire to propose with a piece that encapsulates the sentiment you desire to convey, whether you are designing the ring yourself or having a jeweller design it, there are several things you have to consider. This article brings you some of them.

The recipient
When it comes to obtaining or creating the ‘most ideal insignia’ of your commitment to your loved one, there are two things that happen to be more crucial than all others: you and the recipient. A lot more crucial than the value of the gemstones or precious metals you choose is the meaning that the materials have for your recipient. Also, it matters that the recipient should like them. Therefore, before even starting, sit down and think deeply about your loved one who will be the one wearing the ring. You should ask yourself the following questions;
·         What metals does my love prefer to wear?
·         Does she have any favourite colour or stone? Even though diamonds are taken to be synonymous with love and romance, a ring that’s meant to be used in proposing marriage does not have any specific stones associated with it, thus giving you the freedom to choose. Birthstones do frequently work well.
·         What kind of jewellery does she favour? Simple or embellished? Bold or light? Statement-making or understated? The answer to this question could see you shopping gothic engagement rings online, for instance.
·         Is there any emblem that matters to her – or the relationship? Several people favour hearts for their engagement rings, but eternity symbols and flowers also work quite well. As do clusters and single stones.

The giver
Even though you are not the one to wear the ring, there has to be something of you in it as, it’s a sign of your commitment, after all. There are varying ways of doing this. Some individuals choose a centre stone that represents the recipient, then represent themselves with surrounding smaller stones. Others prefer to have the band produced from a mix of two metals; for example, a gold stripe being embraced in platinum, to represent the recipient and the giver.

The statement
Another crucial element that must be considered is what you are attempting to say with the ring. Is it ‘stay with me till eternity, even when we do not believe in marriage’? Or is it ‘we will soon get married so wait for me’? Or probably a simple ‘you are the one who matters to me the most’. The design of your ring could denote the intent behind it. Symbols such as tail-swallowing snakes denote eternity. Keys denote faithfulness. Flowers symbolize friendship. These and many more are all elements that could be used to create a ring that portrays a personal message for your loved one.

Once you have decided what you truly want from your ring, maybe you feel that a gothic engagement ring will work best, for instance. Expert jewellers can then help you to make sure that your dream ring becomes a reality. All you then need to do is contact them.



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