Pump Maintenance Tips That Everyone Needs To Know

If you own water pumps, it is crucial to ensure that your pump is running efficiently. When things are running smoothly, it is easy to overlook some common maintenance steps. You can end up rationalising that it is not worth the time to inspect and replace parts of the pump. However, nothing can be farther from the truth. Most facilities have several pumps doing a variety of functions that are integral to the successful operation of the plant. A malfunctioning pump can be the cause of the entire shut down of the pump.

Pumps are very important when it comes to keeping your facility functioning efficiently. Whether pumps are used in manufacturing companies or water processing companies, it is important to maintain your water pumps to ensure that they are running efficiently.

Determine maintenance frequency
Before you determine the maintenance frequency of your pump, you need to consult the original guidelines from the manufacturer. You need to consider the timing to schedule your pump’s maintenance. You need to choose a time when the system is down or when you aren’t using the pump to carry out maintenance.

You need to observe your pump and ensure that it is running smoothly. If you realise any change in the sound produced or if your pump starts producing too much smoke, you should consider scheduling maintenance for your pump.

Safety first
Before you carry out maintenance for your pump, you need to follow proper safety measures. If the water pumps near me in Australia are used near food products or drinking water, you should get the pump away from the food or the drinking water for maintenance. Opening a water pump near drinking water can lead to spillage of oils to the water.

You should ensure that the pump is well lubricated to ensure that it is running smoothly. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines to understand how you can lubricate your pump. You should also know the right products to use for lubrication. Using the wrong lubrication products can damage the pump. More bearing damage occurs as a result of using too much greasing or less greasing on the bearings. If the pump’s bearing has a vent cap, open the cap and switch on the pump for half an hour before reinstalling the cap. This makes it possible for excess grease to get out of the pump’s bearing.

Servicing your pump
A lot of household pump owners do not realise that their pumps need servicing at least once after every 4 years. This has nothing to do with staying within the warranty regulations because most warranties last for around 2 years. Servicing your water pump is an essential maintenance tip. Servicing your pump is not expensive and it can make a huge difference to the durability of your pump. You can service your pump following the guidelines from the manufacturer. This includes changing the oil in the pump, the plugs if it is a diesel pump and ensuring everything else is working efficiently. You can also hire someone to service your pump.

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