Can aptitude tests help in hiring for Mechanical positions?

Aptitude tests are greatly used by hiring managers all over the world to screen the applications of the potential candidates for the jobs. This is considered as an important tool to scrutinize the quality of the candidates you require at your company. In case the candidates perform well in the interview but are not good at work, it will only result in hampering the productivity of the other employees and the resources of the employer. 

Therefore for many employers use mechanical aptitude tests also as they are also required in case they are hiring for mechanical positions. These tests can qualify a person and get the job which could turn into a full-fledged career. A number of tests are available to analyse and scrutinize the candidates for a number of positions. While some tests are generic in nature and can be used for all the jobs but some are specific to the job or position type. Some of the tests could be easy while others could be tricky and difficult. Some tests may not require any practice but some may require practice and agility to do. 

For example, logical reasoning test is generic and could be used for all the positions but mechanical aptitude tests cannot be used for all. Similarly psychometric tests could seem easy but arithmetic calculations might make one go weak and sweaty. Interpretation of tables, graphs and patterns may not require practice but data manipulation would require constant and continuous practice. 

The hiring manager, therefore, should make a combination of two difficult and one easy test or maybe one easy and one difficult test. A mechanical aptitude test could also be combined with a psychometric test and so on. In such a test, a mixture of easy and difficult questions could be put forward. Questions about levers, pulleys, gears and electrical circuits could be combined with other wider range of typical questions which the candidates must attempt and display their knowledge and expertise in the mechanical field.

These tests, however, must be taken in a positive stride and should not be the only deciding factor for the second level of interview. The candidates must be prepared in advance for these tests and the hiring manager must also let the candidates know of the tests and assessments that they have to undergo well in advance. The candidates must also be made aware that scoring well in these tests would only bring them closer to the job but then there must be other deciding factors before rolling out the offer letter. One candidate must have scored well while he may not be able to work with the workforce and on the other hand an average candidate could be a suitable match for the employer and the company workforce. 

So, it can be concluded that the aptitude tests must only assess the mechanical reasoning of the candidate and not any other factor. The candidates who have an extremely great mechanical knowledge could prove to be extremely resourceful and very much valuable to the business.

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