How to choose a contraction timer

In the weeks when you are heading up to pregnancy, false contractions or Braxton Hicks is a common occurrence. It has to be stated that they vary in intensity and for some women it will replicate a situation that they are heading towards labor. Whereas in the case of others they might not even be aware of the contractions. With an online contraction timer you can figure out a rough idea about the contractions. 

The true ones are unmistakable and this is expected for certain ones that do emerge before the water breaks. Once you get a clear idea that it is a clear one and not a false, and then you would need to start timing them. In modern times contraction schedule can be measured digitally than with a piece of paper and pen


Contraction software

The contraction timer is superior as not only it is simple to be used, but the recordkeeping abilities come into picture.  As the contractions are not usually spread over a course of time which means that heading to a hospital or calling a doctor is not going to be that difficult .For example if a contraction is 5 minutes apart from the rest, and the next one is at 15 minutes, it does become difficult to figure out the frequency of the contractions. When it is a contraction timer the average time and length between them is measured. Some even go on to keep records over a time period of 24 hours or a period by which contractions do take place.


Contraction timer on IPhone

IPhone has always people glued to them because of its cool applications. This contraction timer works out to be one of the effective ones. It can be downloaded free and simple to use. As soon as the contractions begin just press the start button and when it stops do press the stop button. Here the averages are recorded, so you do become aware on which part of the process you do find yourself at.


Android timer

It is available on the Android platform and is available free. Here in this application you are bound to get a reading that measures the time frame between the end and the starting of the new contraction. In recent times a new version of this app is expected to solve the issue.


Contraction master

This is a new website that has arrived as far as contraction timer is concerned. As it is directly connected to the internet, there is no need for any form of download and there is no need for any signing up to is using this website. The process is simple as just when a contraction starts press the start button and when it stops press the stop button. The loophole is that no averages are recorded and here only length is measured. The frequency on how far they are from each other is measured. The record could be printed or you could read it from the computer screen.

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