Anaesthesia Billing: How It Works?

Anaesthesia billing has never been an easy task. As anaesthetists are not considered as an employee like other service providers by the hospital, the billing process has always been a separate concern. Anaesthesia bills are not made in the hospital combining with the other services that the patients have used during his stay at the hospital. Anaesthesia bills are always done separately. In many countries, there are distinct anaesthesia billing companies who worn to make it easy for the patients to understand what are the payment processes, reimbursement processes, billing rights, credit policy, instalment policy of total payments, and security and refund policy.

Here’s a brief on all the aspects that the anaesthesia billing agencies deal with-
Patients’ security policy
No prize for guessing that the patients have shared their personal information like name, bank account details or identity proofs with the agencies. However, all these are absolutely safe with the agencies. They use end to end encrypted software for assured payments. So your credit card number, name and address, and personal details are completely in safe hands and cannot be derived from the internet.

If there’s a mistaken bill, the amount would be refunded by the anaesthesia billing agency. Patients who are not satisfied with the bills and feel like that there is problem in their bill, a letter needs to be produced explaining all the issues. While agencies do not trust on automated billing agencies and do all chores manually to reduce mistakes like these, if found, first the case is investigated. Once satisfied, either the patient is explained why the amount has been deducted from their account, or refunded explaining the mistake happened. Usually, billing mistakes include as and when a wrong payment amount was entered, incorrect account number was entered or a duplicate payment has occurred. Often discrepancies in the online payment system result into wrong bill.

With these, the anaesthesia billing agencies responsibilities also include the following things-

ü  The agencies work towards gathering demographic information and anesthesia records of all the types that has been used by the patients.
ü  Keeping a record- both online, and in the main portal so that claims, payments, denial management and patient billing could be made easy.
ü  Billing by experienced staffs also ensure that patients are part of a formal refund process, if found something not matched with the services they have used.
ü  Working in collaboration with hospitals make the agencies work on referring the collections that has been made per month from the patients. Regular updates of collections received are also provided to the hospitals.

ü  Comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly reporting is made.

While these are what the agencies work on, the patients using anaesthesia services should boast an outline of the services and benefits. they should know how the insurance companies want to be billed for anaesthesia services. Another thing to remember about anaesthesia billing is that the bills are made based on per hour, and updated very quickly. So if you are not satisfied with the billing amount, report fast, and get the refunds soon.


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