Things to Do Before Hiring a Housemaid Permanently

Either you live along or with your family, housecleaning is a lot tougher than it sounds. For the ones having kids or an untidy spouse, cleaning (for them) is like living in a never ending messy-mania. Perhaps that's the reason as to why many are ditching their apron and looking to hire professional housemaids in Dubai. Finding a right housemaid for the house is surely a tough job itself. One happens to consider many things before hiring. This article entails much-needed insight about how to rent a perfect housemaid.

Look for the Reliability First
The very first hurdle you would come across is finding housemaids in Dubai. In that case, it's imperative to either ask or simply spread the word in your closest circle like your friends or close relatives. Your friend might have a housemaid so that she can help you get one. In case you know a housemaid, just ask them if they know anyone who is willing to work. Or the best option is you can use a referral service that provides housemaid. People often hire a housemaid once in two weeks or even a month. Many even hire a reliable housemaid once in a year.

Conduct an Interview
The interview would be conducted at your place where you will give a home tour and chore list to the housemaid. This way, she would get enough idea of what you actually need to get done. Make sure that you keep thing brief since giving out too much details to a stranger isn't really a good idea. While conducting interview, the points that should be discussed are;

Discuss the Salary
Make sure to get it clear these things in the initial phase. Just discuss the salary with the housemaid as it's one of the most crucial subjects. Simply start with a little lower salary and then negotiate. Also clarify that how you are willing to pay as some housemaids in Dubai charge on hourly basis and some for an amount per visit.

Sick Days
Paid sick leaves must be discussed. It might sound quite unworthy but it's still beneficial in a way. For sure, you wouldn't want her to enter your house with tons of germs just because she'll have to work to get money. Moreover, it would also reflect a generosity from your end that would make a positive image of you in front of her.

Background Check
When you bring someone to look after all the house cleaning and other household chores, it more becomes a matter of trust between you and your housemaid. Therefore, just make sure to do the required background check before putting a stage person in charge of your home.

Trail Period
Before getting her permanent with are contract of one year or even more, go with a trial period first. At least 3 months of trial period would be enough, during which you can discuss all the stuff that needs to be done in your home. It will be great if you can give her a list of chores as it will help here recall in case she misses out something.

There are few things that one should consider before hiring a housemaid. Check out this article and learn more

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