No Logo Protest Brief

From Gap to Nike to McDonald, they belong to different age of the global brand. These companies have their logo as the most familiar icons in the world. They are increasingly the targets of anti-corporate move. A growing resistance has been witnessed in the worldwide companies on basing the whole corporate identity in logo design. A new trend called ‘no-logo’ is taking over the strategies built in global cooperation. It seems like a social movement running against logos. A mass of protest is also observed in Seattle last November.

This protest appeared over night without anyone knowing about that. No such thing was imagined earlier in the history of branding. We at the moment are in an early stage of the movement, but it’s the movement that has emerged in pockets. It has mirrored the structure of the internet, having lots of little pockets of resistance. They are basically working on common themes but separately. What has been happening in the past year is that there has been a lot of cross pollination between a group campaigning against Nike or any brands. It seems like they have identified some common grounds at that point. With common agenda, a protest emerged in Seattle at this time in North America.

One of the things that they have been misunderstood is that they are protesting against trade, or globalization. The common ground between them was the idea that what kind of globalization they want. The WTO has come to represent a certain kind of globalization which is primarily concerned with the interest of global corporations, and their desire for unregulated trade. What happened in Seattle was a group with a variety of concerns came together with one shared concern. They wanted their agenda to be part of whatever decisions are made about global trade. They wanted to take into account the environmental concerns, labor concerns, human rights etc. the idea was that you cannot separate economics from social and environmental context.

So the question here is, from where did it find its route? Particularly among young people, a superficial factor had begun this thing. The idea of ad busting that was initiated 4 years ago, and took a bit longer than that to develop itself. At that time, it can be called the first tentative steps. These advertisements were targeting schools, sponsoring cultural events, and they didn’t want this to be one way dialogue. The protesters wanted to have dialogues about the images that have been bombarded on their faces for years. They require to be asked if they really want to see these images or not. It started more out of the spirit of fun and then moved down into deeper issues. Later, a lot of young people got involved in this issue. However, they were not involved due to ad busting, but the reason was they learned something that was not observed before. The future of these protests is still undecided, but some companies have started using ‘no-logo’ digital marketing strategy to address this issue in their own way

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