How to Save on Airfare during Summer Travel?

From costly flights to over expensive hotel rooms and transportation; indeed, vacations are expensive and travel memories are often priceless but how expensive can it get. In a survey conducted by a renowned firm indicated that an average person’s expense just during summer vacation is approximately $1,180 which means if yours is a family of four, total travel budget would stagger up to $4,720.

When planning to book flights from Doha to Cochin, there’re many budget-friendly airlines to choose from promising you enjoy summer vacations without getting broke. Check out how to save on airfare during summer-time travel.

Airline consolidators

These particular airline ticket resellers work in collaboration with major travel agencies, selling tickets at a fairly reasonable cost. Think of consolidators as wholesalers who buy in bulk and due to the association, they’re authorised to resell them to travellers on a budget thereby creating a win-win situation but there’s a catch! Not every travel agent play fair and can even charge above the average but you can bypass the agent and approach a consolidator directly for reduced airfare.

Advance booking

When it comes to book flights from Doha to Cochin, the best way to catch a cheaper flight is when more seats are available. Advance booking is the best bet so it’s a good idea to make arrangement more or less 21 weeks before the departure date. It’s usual for airlines to increase fares as departure date gets near.

Just in case you aren’t able to book 21 weeks in advance, some airlines do offer discounts even 14 days prior to departure but you need to widen your research and make sure booking agents are legitimate. Remember, these discounts are often termed as last-minute rates which means once missed; you won’t be able to avail anything likewise especially when flying during peak season.

Web browsing history makes a difference

It may sound weird but online searching for the same thing repeatedly would only show you older results from the cache. This is because all booking sites record the browsing data and use the information only when prices are higher which is beneficial for them, not to you! Simply clear old web browsing data and you’ll surely find the best deal with original price. This is important when you book flights from Doha to Cochin during summer.

Be flexible with the dates

A general observation revealed that the best days to fly and save hundreds of dollars are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Most of the booking agents also offer flexible date search option through which you can easily find cheapest flight from the available slot.

Probe the hubs

Every airline has a central operating office where all booking and flight management procedure is commenced. When travelling from hub networks, you can save a lot on airfare which means of you book flights from Doha to Cochin through Qatar Airways, expect budget-friendly travel with a unique experience unlike anything.

The right day

Some of the best flight deals to catch are early at the start of the week; this is when airlines post discount prices. A simple track most travel agents use when searching for flights is three days prior to the intended departure which easily slices a few dollars off even on international flights. Do note that if you’re checking throughout the week, don’t forget clearing cache; that is web browsing history.


There’re many different ways to a budget-friendly travel during summer vacations but given above are a few most common promising the best travel experience ever. Make the most when you book flights from Doha to Cochin on مسافر  and avail amazing discounts and offers.

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