Allergy treatment in babies by best pediatricians

In the modern times, there is so much of adulteration in all the food products that you have think twice before consuming. In case of elders it is possible to tolerate them in case of any problems but what about the babies / infants. The babies are never able to express their problems and pains. Hence, we need to understand the details about allergy at length. Humans are considered as the only mammals who consume milk even after they are grown up. Here we shall understand how dairy allergy in babies can be treated to a large extent. If there are treated at an early stage al the problems tend to be at bay

This is where the role of the child specialist pediatrician in mumbai comes. They are the persons who take care of various problems and allergies that occur in the babies. There are various types of allergies the babies face – among them the dairy allergy in babies is very high. Let us understand some facts and also the treatment for the same by the pediatricians. 

Diagnosing the milk allergy

Whenever you feel that your baby is not doing well soon after feeding of milk – then you need to be extra cautious and immediately get to the root cause of this problem. The pediatrician will immediately check for the physical examination of the stool of the baby. He will also check whether there is any history of allergy in the family and if required will do a prick test on the skin. In the initial stages the doctor would recommend to stop the milk feeding for some time and in case the results are positive they would suggest an alternative for milk. 

Milk intolerance actually does not affect the immune system neither it is caused due to the presence of protein – rather it directly affects the digestive system of the child. Here the problem faced by the child is that it is not able to digest the sugar present in the milk which is known as lactose. Hence is it called as milk intolerance – the symptoms seem to be almost same. The child suffers from diarrhea, spitting, bloated stomach, eczema and also irritability and excessive crying. 

Treating milk allergy

Milk is the staple diet for the babies but what if they are not able to resist the vitamins or proteins in the milk. This situation has to be treated on time by the best pediatrician in mumbai or else it can lead to various other complications as the child grows up. 

In the case the baby is fed with outside milk for various reasons – then the milk should be immediately stopped and the parents should find an alternative to this type of milk. The child which is allergic to cow’s milk will also be allergic to soy milk so the best option is to have milk which has hydrolysate formula – in this milk the proteins are broken into smaller parts and hence the chances of allergies are almost minimal. 

If the baby is being breastfed, then the mother needs to stop taking all types of dairy food for quite some time. You need to make a major change in your diet and this may initially make you irritable but remember this is for the betterment of your child.

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