What are some best ways to get your baby sleep?

Many parents find it stressful to raising newborns, and one of the main reasons is because your time now depends on her being asleep or awake. Babies surely sleep a lot, but it is unpredictable about how long the baby sleeps and what time she wakes up at night.

Here are some best tips to get to your baby sleep. If you are first time parents and worrying your child is sleep deprived or the quality of the sleep is not enough, it is important to keep these tips in hand and try out on your baby.

1. Dim the light
Babies’ circadian rhythm can be regulated effectively by using light. Even you should teach your newborn baby about day and night. So keep the room bright during the day and keep it low when it’s night time. Babies will catch the signal of when to sleep very soon.

Besides, if the baby is awakening during the night, turning on the light to soothe him is not a good idea. The shift from darkness to light might make it harder for him to fall back to sleep.

2. Avoid eye contact with the baby
This trick sounds strange, but it’s fundamental if you want to keep her asleep for extra more hours. The baby might interpret your looking her in the eye means it’s go time. So if you want to soothe her back to sleep, avoid eye contact, whisper instead of talk, keep your gaze on her belly and gently touch her into sleep.

3. Make some noise
Your baby is surrounded with noises 24/7 when in the womb, and the intensity of these noises is twice as loud as vacuum cleaner. So one of the best ways to get your baby to sleep is to recreate the noise she is used to hearing in the womb. You are recommended to use white noise such as the sounds of fan, air conditioner, or even a CD tap of womb or vacuum cleaner sounds. Nature sounds work just as well; they have calming effect.

4. Consider your nighttime feeding
A full tummy is more likely to wake your baby during the night because it highly activates the bowel movements. Just feed him or her one or two tablespoons to get extra hours on her sleep. Even during the day, feed her small, frequent feedings.

5. Do a quick massage treatment.
Studies proved that newborns that are given a bedtime massage is more likely to sleep faster and more soundly than you who aren’t. Before bedtime, use the tips of your fingers to gently stroke her face, rub her belly and slightly press her hands and feet to relax all her muscles and bring her into sleep zone faster. Also, tummy massage is one of the best constipation treatments in infants.

6. Watch your caffeine intake
It is common knowledge that caffeine keeps you awake. The caffeine you consume can be transferred to the breast milk and its effect on newborns is more serious because it takes longer to exclude caffeine from their systems than adults. So if you want to avoid a cranky, wide-awake baby, cut your caffeine intake.

7. Give diaper duty a rest
Some babies are disturbed by wet diaper at night, most are not. So if your baby is fine with it, don’t wake her just to change the diaper, unless she has extra-sensitive skin or diaper rash.

8. Co-sleep
It doesn’t mean you need to sleep with the bay in your arms. It means place your baby near you enough so the baby feels secure and you can get more sleep too. Studies also revealed that mothers and babies share the same sleep cycles, so keep her near is one of the best ways to get her sleep soundly.

9. Make consistent bedtime rituals
A bedtime ritual or routine signals the baby it’s time to go to sleep. It could be a warm bath, rocking, massage, lullabies or a specific activity only you and the baby know. Her brain will gradually trained to sleep after the rituals

10.  Regulate the room’s temperature and humidity.
Dry air may irritate your baby’s nose. A high humidity encourages allergy-producing molds. So make sure you keep the humidity of the room at about 50%. About temperature, a consistent 65 to 70 degree F is most conducted to sleep.

Above are some of the best ways to get your baby to sleep. All of these tips aim at making sleep an enjoyable experience for your baby, to let them know sleep is a pleasant place to enter and relaxed state to remain in. applying these tips will positively result in better sleep for your baby and a healthier lifestyle for you.

About the Author:
This article is written by Ashley Bennet, a co-owner of AuthorityRemedies. She has worked and trained in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 3 years, consistently providing people with useful information about nutrition as well as helping them with their common health problems.

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