Newest Talent Management Technology Trends 2017

Talent Management is without a doubt one of the most important factors driving success in organizations today. The erstwhile HR department has given way to a new and more evolved set of people practices that are focused more on business and talent management strategy than mere administrative functions.  However, the advent of technology has brought into 9perspective a lot of the new benefits that talentmanagement has to offer.
Some of the most important technology innovations in talent management include some automated functions. The following are some of the most prominent:

Corporate Learning Management Systems – This is the new age of the cloud based personalized talent management system in Talent Management – ModernTalent Management strategy recognizes that every employee’s learning and development needs are different and new cloud based learning management systems are gradually replacing the old manual training systems, which also includes customized modules as per each employee’s needs. This is probably the second most prominent trend in Talent Management in recent years.

Applicant Tracking Systems- While this technology was around for quite a while in the talent management arena, modern applicant tracking systems use the benefits of social media integration to provide Talent Managers with a wider reach among the talent pool,  and not only that, the modern applicant tracking systems also contribute to the talent management strategy of an organization by literally tracking references and past recommendations of a potential hire, thereby giving a more integrated and clinically precise view of a candidate than other orthodox methods.

HR Analytics Dashboards- This ranks the highest as the most prominent Talent Management technology innovations in the recent times. HR Managers and Talent Managers no longer run pillar to post trying to plan, frame or even implement and track their policies and strategies. The HR analytics dashboard is the modern one-stop shop for all HR policies, employee queries, functions and even performance tracking. Yet another contribution of People Analytics in an organization, the HR analytics dashboards have the capability to even predict the performance of a potential hire, when matched against other similar data. This is a powerful modern Talent Management technology tool and is finding increasing favor in the world of talent management.

Telecommuting Platforms –Distributed workforces and the rise of the shared economy have thrown up the need for a special Talent Management strategy which does not rely on an employee coming to the same office every day. Telecommuting is the order of the day and common communication platforms rank as one of the most popular advancements in Talent Management Technology in the recent times. From time and attendance tracking online to even activity and project management, telecommuting platforms enable employees to work from anywhere and at any time they choose. This flexibility makes it by far the most significant advancement in talent management technology today.

HR today is all about talent management, which includes talent acquisition, compensation planning, implementation of strategies and policies, straight up through to employee retention ,engagement and performance management. As HR becomes more and more technology oriented, this is expected to see a steep rise in the coming days.

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