Process for Workers’ Compensation Claim

For an injured worker to receive benefits, he needs to follow the correct workers’ compensation claims process, including filing a claim before the deadline provided by the state.We have experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney ft Lauderdale who assist our clients with quickly obtaining competent medical care for those injured on the work place. Many Victims file millions of applications in an attempt to receive compensation for lost income, medical costs, and mental bruises every year. Only a little of them are fortunate enough to verify the process with little strife; others are more of unlucky

If an employee is injured on the job, there is a limited time to submit documents in order to receive compensatory benefits. Both the employee and the employer must act promptly when an injury occurs. Otherwise, the claim could be denied with no effort.

An employee should file a workers’ compensation claim if injuries were sustained on the job or within the scope of employment. This includes occupational accidents, diseases, trauma injuries, or illness caused by exposure to work activities or chemicals.

In order to process for a claim, the following must be true:

  • The employer has a workers’ compensation policy.

  • The injured worker is an employee of the business, and not a contractor.

The employee became injured while he was at work. A variety of injuries may qualify like slipping on an icy patch in the parking lot or development of cancer from exposure to toxic substances in the workplace.

When an injury takes place, the employer is obliged to:

1.         Give the employee the appropriate documents and guidance

2.         File the claim with the insurance agent

3.         Comply with laws of state for reporting work injuries

The employee is obliged to:

4.         Notify the employer of the injury with accurate date, time, type of injury and other necessary details.

5.         File a formal workers’ compensation claim

6.         The workers' compensation process can vary depending on where the employee is located since workers’ comp is regulated by the state body

The role of a Workers’ Compensation Attorney ft Lauderdale is to help workers settle their workers’ compensation cases if an insurer disappoints them in resolution of their case. He will help you seek whatever benefits you deserve after enduring a devastating experience. Thus, it is necessary for you to find a lawyer who is full-fledged in handling workers comp claims. Our goal here is to ensure clients’ receive the maximum benefits against their claim.



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