A brief of Slip and Fall Lawsuit

 "Slip and fall" is a terminology used for a personal injury case in which a person slips or trips and is injured on someone else property. These cases fall under the category of premises liability claims. Slip and fall accidents usually occur on property owned and maintained by someone else, and the property owner may be held legally accountable. It is recommended to hire a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Boca immediately after the mishap takes place.

There are many hazardous conditions such as torn carpeting, wet floors, inappropriate lighting, or narrow stairs can cause someone to slip and be injured. Apart from these, a slip and fall case might arise when someone slips or falls outdoors because of the rain, ice, snow or some hidden hazard.

There is no measured way to determine when someone else is legally responsible for your injuries if you slip and trip. Every case turns on whether the property owner behaved carefully so that slipping was not likely to happen. In order to show that a property owner knew of a dangerous condition, it must be proved that:

  • The owner created the condition.
  •  The owner knew the condition existed and negligently avoided to correct it.
  • The condition existed for such a length of time that the owner should have corrected prior to the slip and fall incident in question.
  • For a owner to be held liable, it must have been foreseeable that his negligence would make the danger at issue.

Responsible Parties : In order to recover for a slip and fall injury sustained on someone else’s property, there must be an accountable party whose negligence caused the injury.

1. Commercial Property : In slip and fall cases on commercial property, there are often a number of entities that may be held responsible for someone's injuries.To be lawfully responsible for the injuries someone suffered from slipping and falling on someone else's property, the owner:

  • Must have caused the spill to be underfoot.
  • Must have known of the risky surface but did nothing about it.
  • Should have known of the dangerous surface because a reasonable person taking care of the property would have discovered and repaired it.

2. Residential Property: In residential cases as well, landlords are mostly held liable to tenants or third parties for slip and fall injuries on rental property. To hold a landlord responsible, a tenant must discover that:

  • The landlord had control over the condition that caused the accident
  • Repairing the condition would not have been unreasonably difficult
  • The landlord's failure to take necessary steps to avoid an accident caused the tenant's slip and fall injury.

If you've been damaged in a slip and fall on someone else's property and are considering a claim, you should discuss your case with an experienced Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Boca.


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