Important Things You Need To Know When Designing Your Own Ring

If you have a singular vision of how your engagement ring should appear, you can now design your own ring. Every ring has a story behind it but if you want your ring to be a story starter years after you, then a custom ring is the best choice for you. However, designing a ring is not as easy as you may think. You need to know a few important things before you design your ring.

Make an informed decision
You should understand the cons and pros of designing a ring before plunging ahead with your plan to design your ring. You also need to understand several benefits of designing your engagement ring:
  1. Your engagement ring will feel creative and inspired, a reflection of your personality,
  2. Your ring will reflect your values and interests
  3. Your ring will be unique and no one else will have an engagement ring like yours
  4. A unique design will garner all the attention needed and it will be a conversation starter for many years to come
  5. When you create matching rings, you can also create a symbol of who you are as a couple
However, when designing a ring, you also need to understand a few drawbacks:
  1. Designing a ring is more expensive and you might end up paying up to three times what you would have paid for a non-custom ring. The amount you pay to design your own ring online will depend on how elaborate the design should be and how far it deviates from traditional rings.
  2. Designing a ring takes longer compared to buying a non-custom ring. It can take you months and even a full year to design your ring. On the low end, you should expect a good custom-designed ring to take several months.
  3. You also need to get involved and this means that you will spend a lot of time meeting with your jeweller to give more information about your desired ring.
  4. Your jeweller will have a say in the ultimate design.
  5. Designing a ring is unpredictable. You will not be able to see, touch and feel the ring until it is complete.

Understand the process
Before you design your engagement ring, it is crucial to understand the process. The specifics of designing a ring will vary depending on your needs and the jeweller you choose. Here are a few things you should expect.

Sketch your idea
If you have a distinct vision of the ring you want, you should start by sketching the idea as best as you can. You can search the internet for inspiration.

Find the right designer
Once you have an idea in mind, you should look for the best designer to put it into reality.

You will need to collaborate with your designer to come up with the best idea possible. Sometimes when you design your own ring you can use a designer who is also a jeweller or you can use a designer and a jeweller separately.

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