Method and procedure of heart transplantation

When it comes to heart transplantation it is a kind of a surgical replacement of an individual’s diseased heart along with a healthy donor’s heart. Here, the donor is the person who has died and whose family members have also agreed to donate their loved one’s organs.

The ever first human heart transplantation happened in the year 1967 and since then it has transformed slowly from an experimental operation to a regular and established treatment in case of an advanced heart disease. For heart transplant surgery India low cost one needs ti check the specialty hospitals where these kinds of surgeries take place.

Now the question is who is being considered as the potential candidate to undergo a heart transplant? Mostly people who have advanced and complicated stage of heart failure but otherwise healthy when it comes to other body organs. Here are a few inquiries that a patient must do to the surgeons if they suggest a heart transplantation operation.

Have all other means of treatments and therapies been already tried?
If the transplant does not happen then what are the chances of death?
Apart from the heart or lung are the other organs working well in the body?
Is it possible to adhere the lifestyle changes and intake complex drugs that is required after the transplantation?

If all the answers to the above mentioned questions lead to a ‘yes’ then one should go ahead with the heart transplantation process. But if one has some additional severe diseases or other medical problems then one should re consider going for the transplantation.

In order to get a heart transplantation, one has to be enlisted in the transplantation process. There should also a proper screening process and a team of surgeons, nurses and other people will go through the medical history and psychological test results of the patient. If the team finds that the patient is able to survive the procedure, then only they can go ahead with it. When the patient is approved of the surgery, then they need to wait for the donor to become available. This is a process which can be very long and stressful. Donors are mainly those who have become brain dead or have died recently. The donors mostly give their permission for organ donation before they died.

When a donor becomes available, then the surgeon from the transplantation centre goes to harvest the donor heart. Then the heart is stored in a cold place with a special solution till it reaches the recipient. 

The surgeon has to make sure whether the heart is in good condition or not before they start off with the surgery. During a heart transplant surgery, the patient is placed on a heart-lung machine. This machine allows the body to receive the vital oxygen and nutrients from the blood even though the heart is being operated on.

Heart transplant price in India depends on a lot of factors. But it is an expensive surgery all together given the requirements and the process.


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