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Where do you go when you want to eat other ethnic food than yours? Well, you go to a restaurant, especially the ones that are famous for providing best culinary taste of the particular food you want.  Among the many cultural foods, Japanese food stands out as the most artistic and traditionally oriented and most famous for its sushi preparations. It is actually raw fish topped over vinegared rice and many types of vinegar is used to prepare sushi and they may include white and red. Sushi bars are exclusive in Japan, but you can also get the food at Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

The Singapore restaurant is likely to serve you different Japanese dishes including Gyoza, which is a minced pork preparation. The food can be either served boiled or fried but both are guaranteed to be very tasty. Ramen is another popular Japanese dish which is also a staple diet of Japanese people but made available in the Japanese restaurants in Singapore. The dish is made of bamboo shoots, eggs, seaweed, chives, and pork. The food is reported made with 5 to 40 ingredients to make it a much sought after food item. Okonomiyaki is another popular food which is much liked by both Japanese and non-Japanese and it is a mixture of an omelette and pancake.

Tempura is another Japanese ethnic food that is much in circulation and it is made of seafood, vegetables covered in batter and then friend deep. A dipping sauce is used to eat Tempura. Soba noodles made of buckwheat are another famous preparation of Japanese origin and it is a healthier alternative to noodles made of wheat flour. The food has much protein and nutrients that are good for health. You also can eat Yakitori, in the Japanese restaurants in Singapore and it is actually skewered and grilled chicken and the snack is ideal for consuming with beer or other soft drinks. It is actually a small or street side restaurant food item. Unagi is another food made from soft water eel, and is most popular for past several centuries. It is still a delicacy in many Japanese restaurants and you will also find it in the menus of the Japanese restaurants here.

Yakiniku or grilled meat is famous in the Japanese Menu, and it is done in the BBQ using beef. This is much sought after by groups picnicking or partying. Shabu Shabu is a popular dish in Japan, and it is cooked in pot or called a pot dish. Main ingredients for the dish are beef or pork meat sliced, and sometime they also add chicken to the preparation. All these preparations will taste good only if you eat them in authentic Japanese restaurants in Singapore. How will you find them if you are relatively new to Singapore or just arrived at the city for sightseeing? You will see the local directory, ask your hotel reception desk or ask friends who have been here many times. Your best chance to find them is the websites that publish list of restaurants catering to different taste and ethnicity.

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