Co-living spaces are the trend as more and more individuals are opting for it

Several of us have already shared or sharing accommodation with others. We as students have shared cheap housing with other students to save costs and have intensely socialized with school mates and friends. It is possible for you to rent out a room at lower costs and enjoy common spaces with other such tenants. Most people in pursuit of scholarly activities still prefer to live in a commune of their own and share the same space while having their own room. It is a great mixture of privacy and open living that is welcomed by more and more people as the trend is growing.

Great alternate for high rented living spaces
Co-living spaces are great alternatives and economical solution to living in tenements with higher rents. Real estate rates are shooting sky high and not many people are able to afford the rent the landlords demand nowadays. Renting a home for your own use may prove costly as you will have to bear the cost associated with the accommodation. Another factor that is encouraging the co-living concept is the increased interest in leading solitary lives by individuals. Besides providing the opportunity to pursue a solitary life the concept also allows individuals to mingle with people coming from all wakes of life. The co-liver not only feel part of the commune but also secure in the sense that others from the community form a ring of protection around him/her. 

Though you will find similarities with students’ living, co-living spaces combine many other aspects such as sense of community, collaborative economy and sustainability. The co-living concept was started way back in the 70s by Denmark communities. The first community, the Sættedammen initiative had 35 families occupying private spaces while sharing common spaces, amenities and facilities. They also used the term co-housing and they also shared activities, festivities, socializing that including dining together, housekeeping and participating in other events.   

With co-living you have multiple possibilities
In the current scenario co-living spaces offer multiple possibilities that would range from occupying and sharing the same space to sharing life philosophy, interest and values. For most newly graduated individuals finance is the foremost appeal owing to the skyrocketing rent rates in the cities. They form a community and share a common space for living while occupy single rooms for privacy. Spurred by the interest shown by people for co-living spaces, many real estate developers have come up with living space that would accommodate the concept. These spaces are well constructed, well maintained and managed by companies that are specialized in providing living space to people. They offer well decorated and well furnished rooms to the occupants and communal facilities like kitchens, co-working spaces and social areas. They also deploy well organized cleaning services to keep the premises clean inside and out and even encourage social workers to teach the residents on how to adapt to the new situation and surroundings.

Co-living spaces are well developed and maintained
The co-living spaces are ideal for digital nomads who adapt nicely to shared environments. Some of the co-living developers also have many units functioning in major cities around the world where the community members can move around when it is required. Co-living spaces is the thing for you if you are fiercely independent and need cheaper accommodation to pursue your own interest, career or profession without being lonely.

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