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For every kid, being away from their home is really thetoughest job and on top of that studying in a boarding school is the biggest nightmare both for the parentsas well as their children. This is because of the perception thatmost people have   about boarding schools is that they have strict rules, regulation and the most fearing fact is Discipline, but that is so nottrue as it is the best memory one can ever have in his or her entire life.
Boarding schools are the places where there is overall personality development andcurrently there are some best affordable boarding schools in India.

Before sending your child to a boarding school some helpful tips to keep in mind are:

Interacting with your child
Try to talk to your child about their feeling. That is, if they are feeling excited or anxious or both. Even if you, as a parent is struggling to hold your emotions about sending your child away must bring a positive attitude.

Tender your child
Make your child realize that what you are doing is the best of their  interest and sending them to a boarding school is good for them and their future.

Healthy Learning Habits:
Talk to your child about learning good habits as they are away from home so that they will adopt those good habits which will make them feel good mentally and physically.

Now, we have two very different boards of education that caters to the academic sector in India, and that includes the  CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education). Though the subjects that are taught in both the boards are the same, but then choosing the right board is very necessary because this plays a significant role in the student’s future.

Best ICSE boarding schools in India and CBSE schools has their own pros and cons.

CBSE syllabus is comparatively easierthan that of other boards, mainly because of fewer subjects and a more compact structure. But not much focus is put on inculcating practical knowledge in students. The CBSE syllabus also does not lay much emphasis on English knowledge as its counterpart does, choosing to lay more attention on the disciplines of mathematics and science.

The syllabus followed by ICSE board is more comprehensive and complete. Because of the emphasis laid on English in ICSE, students from this board may hold a slight grip over other students in exams and may find the syllabus to be extensive for their liking, as every student practising under an ICSE board will face thirteen subjects/examinations during their sixth grade, when compared to the six subjects faced by the student in a CBSE affiliated school.

Both these boards share a similar amount of pros and cons, and choosing the right board will totally depend on the kind of future you decide for your children. The quality of education provided under both these boardsare excellent, so all you need to do is assess your children’s strengths and gauge the suitable board for them.

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