How to Get Followers on the Instagram Quickly

There are so many people on Instagram that it can be tricky to draw attention to your posts. But by getting more followers, more people will see the photos and images, which may be interesting for the content. There are some proven techniques that will make any individual get followers on instagram quickly, as well as help improve profile content and keep the "audience" interested. 
Method 1

Creating posts that attract followers

Make sure the account can be viewed by others. Private accounts have virtually no followers, since only friends and acquaintances will be able to find them. To make a public account, do the following:
  • Click the "Profile" button in the lower right corner of the Instagram app.
  • Select "Edit My Profile."
  • Uncheck "Private Posts". If the option is green, the posts are protected; click on it to make the account public.
 Method 2   

Use the most popular hashtags (#). They allow any user to browse certain themes and view all the photos that used a common hashtag. If you use the most popular ones, other heavy hashtags will eventually see the posted image as they search for it (posts are sorted by "tanned"). This is a great way to get attention and help the user get followers quickly. Some of the best known hashtags are:
  • love
  • instagood
  • tbt or #throwbackthursday (On Instagram, old photos are often posted on Thursdays)
  • photooftheday
  • follow
  • instacollage      

Method 3

Use geotags

Geotags are photos uploaded with a location. Other people may be looking for users and photos corresponding to the city or places near where they live, so the photo will have a greater chance of being seen by them. In Instagram, each defined location has its own page. All photos taken in a certain place can be accessed by the corresponding page, allowing others (from the same place as you) to see them (since the geotags have been activated), in addition to the images themselves. 
Method 4

Take time out between each upload

It is common for Instagram users to fill their own profile with multiple photos to attract more followers, but in fact, this has an opposite effect. Making a post with lots of photos all at once will "flood" the followers feed, making them think twice if they want to keep getting their updates. Also, those who do not follow will not be too tempted to follow the profile for the same reason.

Method 5

Apply filters

Apply filters moderately. Instagram offers many options regarding filters and, as a general rule, they should be applied to the user's taste. There are a few well-known ones that can even attract new followers quickly as long as you make sure it really leaves the photo more interesting before you apply it.
Method 6

Combine images to tell a story

Create a short story by combining multiple photos into one. There are special programs that allow you to do this and if done properly, the end result produces a cool and attractive photo that will help in the task of getting more followers.

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