Redefining the World of Talent Management

The trends out to redefine the world of talent management:

New meaning of career: The talent management world is becoming ever more accepting of the diversity. Diversity of different level of productivity timings, days, work arrangements, and availability. Then, there is the diversity of cultures, genders, and generation. All in all- all sorts of diversity. The millennials are taking over the reins from the baby boomers. New moms are rejoining the workforce. Some are working as a freelancer while others want a regular shift-timings. Some want to work from home while others like the environs of the office. The terms like gig-economy and career hopping are increasingly becoming commonplace both for the large corporates as well as the employees. The employees are sometimes crowdsourced and sometimes hired for shorter engagements. The world of talent management is welcoming them all.

Round the clock feedback: The working population today wants to improve every day to make every day count in the larger scheme of things for the overall improvement of the career in the talent management world. Tools are getting smarter each day embedding in themselves activity streams, feedback techniques, and pulse surveys. The talent mobility strategy provides a list of internal job opportunities and alignment of projects with the interests and skills of the employees. The rise of human resources management systems is making continuous and on-the-go feedback possible and running. Can technology in talent management be leveraged for something better? Find the answer in this same post.   

Personalization of the employee experience: The talent management world will experience personalization of the employee experience with excellent consumer marketing tactics. Not for the consumers. But for the employees, as they become the new consumers. Wellness is being formalized for the rubrics of the workplace. It has emerged fats as the key responsibilities of companies. That is the reason compensation and health benefits are provided to the employees along with annual health check-ups and other such endeavors. The facility for playing room, gyms, and outdoor sports programs have been made for employees to take a greater interest in sticking with the companies. The learning and development process through training is heavily customized to the needs of the learners with right implementation of technology in talent management.

Digitized talent management world: As we said we will be answering the better usage of the technology in talent management. Here we are. The technology in talent management has come to represent- analytics, big data, and application software. The world of talent management has also seen a massive shift the way talent acquisition and talent retention is done with the help of application software for performance management. The productivity can be measured with round the clock availability of apps and tools which can measure how many hours the individuals have actually worked in the complete working hours. The attributes of the top performers in the company can be analyzed for future recruitments. Using a combination of financial, operational, and talent data- talent management has come a long way.     

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  1. Changing one's perspective about certain thing is a difficult task! This article has considerably changed my opinion about Talent management


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