Angel: An expression of love and affection

The association of love with flowers is centuries old. As the adage goes, “Love is a flower that is made to bloom by two gardeners”. If poets compared the sublime bond of love with blooming flowers, painters expressed their perception of love with the varied shades of flowers on their canvasses. Flowers have a unique quality of expressing feeling or desire without saying anything, as does love. Just by giving a wonderful bouquet along with a personal message, you may express your mutual feelings of love and admiration for each other. 

Flowers as an expression of love
True love is all about strong bond and trust, and flowers are the most authentic expression of these divine traits. Flowers are symbolic of the indescribable feeling of “Love” itself – a feeling in which eyes speak more than words. So what could be a better way to express your love for that special someone than through a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Flowers: A gift that expresses a myriad of emotions
The best thing about giving flowers as a gift is their universal and time-neutral appeal. Meaning you can send flowers to anyone any time of the year without the need for a special occasion. No wonder, sending flowers is the most humble manner of saying someone that you love her from the core of your heart. Also, the different emotions that are attached with different flowers make them a flexible gift. 

Be it passionate love, budding love, admiration or wishing a partner good health, flowers can be used to express these variegated emotions of human beings. For instance, the yellow sunflower stands for unspoken words of 'Loyalty'. Lilac is definitely one of the best flowers, which has redefined passion with its colour, warmth, lustre and beauty. Orchid is a symbol of endless love for that special someone with refinement and warmth.

Show you care through Angel
Have you ever given a bunch of white arum lilies to your beloved? If not, you may opt for Angel -an exotic floral arrangement of gracefully attractive white arum lilies in a purely white bouquet. Being a stunning bouquet, the Angel will send the message of true affection and love to your beloved and make her cherish this moment all her life. As someone has rightly said, "A nice moment in the heart will never fade for a lifetime".


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