All about baldness in Men

Almost all men have some hair loss by the time they are in their 60s. Nevertheless, the age the hair loss starts is covariant. About three in ten men aged 30 years and half of men aged 50 years have important balding. A similar condition affects women but in a contrasting pattern. 

Causes of baldness in Men:

Hair is made in hair follicles which are like tiny pocket just under the skin surface. A hair unremarkably grows from each follicle for about four years. It is then shed and a new hair grows from the vesicle. This cycle of growth, organic process of shedding and new growth, goes on end-to-end life. The following is thought to occur baldness in Men:

  • Affected hair follicles on the scalp gradually become smaller than normal.
  • As the follicle shrinks, each new hair is thinner than the previous one.
  • Before falling out, each new hair grows for much less time than the normal three years or so.
  • Eventually, all that remains is a much smaller hair follicle and a thin stump of hair that does not grow out to the skin surface.

 Medication of baldness in Men:

 Presently there are two medicinal drug that help finasteride and minoxidil. Neither is easy on state-funded systems that you need to pay the full price for them.

 Some major points about finasteride include the following:

  • It takes about five to six months for any effect to be noticed and up to 1-2 years for full hair growth.
  • The baldness process returns if treatment is stopped. Therefore, if successful, you require to carry on treatment to maintain the effect.
  • Side-effects are very uncommon. The most common is that about 2 in 100 treated males report loss of sex drive.
  • You always require a specific prescription to get it from a pharmacy.
  • You require to keeping taking it for it to work. Once you cease the process, the hair goes back to how it was.

Minoxidil lotion is a rub-on lotion that you can buy at pharmacies, without any prescription. It is not clear how it operates. The higher-strength solution I.e of 5%  is for men only and is more effective than the 2% mixture, which is for women.

There is debate as to how effective this drug is. It is most hard-hitting when used early on, rather than when a lot of hair has already been gone. It appears that it is best used to prevent further hair loss but some hair maturation occurs in some users.


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