3 Ways to keep your cashmere jumper like new over the years

Cashmere jumpers are one of the most useful and must have product for every person. The sweaters, jumpers, etc that are made from Cashmere fibres are genuinely long-lasting products. Cashmere wool is known to be the finest and most expensive wool in the world. 

Therefore the processing of the natural fibres, dying them and knitting them into sweaters, cardigans, and jumpers becomes quite an expensive process. Hence the products naturally become very expensive. But the quality of the products is amazing. Hence one should buy a cashmere jumper.

The products made of cashmere fibres are very trendy and are extremely soft. Wearing them one can feel the softness of the product. This is one of the most amazing features of cashmere products. Therefore one can easily buy cashmere jumper to feel these features on your skin and to protect yourself from the cold.

Few tips to keep the jumpers like new
The cashmere jumpers are very expensive. So purchasing them in every winter is very difficult.  People often buy a cashmere jumper and do not know how to keep them. However, it is very easy to maintain the jumpers. There are some easy tips that should always be kept in mind to keep the cashmere jumpers like new over the years. Here are some of them:

• Use mild detergent for washing of the cashmere jumpers – The jumpers must be washed with mild detergents or baby shampoos or any kind of organic mild detergents. This will help to keep the jumper soft and tidy. The cashmere sweaters or jumpers must always be washed with cold water as it allows to keep the jumpers in the same size. 

The cashmere jumpers tend to shrink if washed in hot water. Before washing, the clothes must be soaked in detergent mixed cold water for a minimum period of 20 minutes to give it the same old, fluffy look.

• Do not wash the jumper after every time you wear it – Even after wearing for a long day with all sweating over, one should not wash the cashmere jumpers on a daily basis. This not only fades away the color of the jumper but also takes away its beautiful look. The jumper must be washed once in a while. It can be worn for three-four days at a stretch. This will not take away the color from the jumpers.

• Shave the jumpers regularly – since the cashmere jumpers are made from natural fibres, so due to friction at different places pilling occurs while wearing them when they are new. This is normal for all the cashmere jumpers so one needs to shave the jumpers very carefully to give them the proper look and to remove all the pilling from the surface of the jumpers. One can use instruments like lint tape, razor blades, etc. This will help to keep the jumpers frizz free.

Hence one should always remember these few tips that will help to keep the cashmere jumpers like new for a long period of time. The cashmere jumpers can be brought for any age. They are always in fashion and are very comfortable to wear.


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