Internal organ troubles that can cause lower back pain

Lower back pain in the current world is common and happens to a huge variety of people irrespective of their age groups. Though at the initiation most people tend to ignore it the reasons for lower back pain can be massive. Hence it is a salient point to get yourself treated even you are experiencing lower back pain in West Palm Beach. If it is recurring even after you have taken homely and effective preventive measures it can prove out to be caused by an internal organ.

The thing with the internal organ is that the symptoms seem to knock at your doorway later. Some of these cases can be severe and need immediate attention to yours. Hence to know about it here is a list of a few internal organ troubles that can cause lower back pain –

·        Spine Issues
Spinal Cord is situated inside the vertebra which is in our back and ends near the tail bone or the lower back. This makes lower back susceptible to pain due to issues with the spine. It can be as a problem with posture or something more dangerous. Consulting a spine specialist will help you come up with answers.

·        Kidney Stones
Kidney stones are as critical as they sound. The kidneys are situated in our posterior lower back. The creation of stones in our kidney can be one of the most crucial reasons for lower back pain. Though at the beginning it may seem like a usual back pain with time it may turn into dangerous as the stones have a tendency to get into the ureters with the thin tubes. Therefore lower back pain in West Palm Beach should not be ignored.

·         Colon
The large intestine or the colon is also situated below our abdomen and hence when it gets affected it may cause you terrible lower back pain.  Many patients suffering from lower back pain in West Palm Beach have been detected to have ulcerative colitis which is actually the colon getting inflated. This causes terrible back pain, indigestion and cramps near the abdomen and back.

·         Pancreas
Though the pancreas is situated in the upper abdomen of the body, it gets affected can also cause you terrible pain and lower back pain. The most common issues that come up with patients in the pancreas getting inflated and infected. At first, the pains are mild which then lead to serious issues. The pain moves from the upper quadrant to the lower quadrant which makes the lower back pain so effective.

·         Kidney Infection
Another major issue that is common and proves out to be common for lower back pain is kidney infections. Kidney infections begin in the bladder and keep moving towards the kidney causing inflation and severe pain.

These are just a few of the internal organ troubles that aid in lower back pain. A few more exist which leads to the fact that ignoring this pain isn’t a good idea.


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