Pregnancy and a happy baby

Pregnancy can be a very exciting phase in life of a woman as well as it can be exciting for others around. Many people must be asking you questions about how are you feeling or may be also touching your belly button with lots of excitement. You need to understand how politely you can cope up with such people around. 

The changes that take place 
There are many changes that take place while you are pregnant and your belly will start showing after the fifth moth. This is the most exciting and interesting phase of your pregnancy. The most annoying part of this phase is strangers rubbing pregnant bellies and you must be thinking how you can keep them away.

Talk to people and find out  away 
You may be comfortable if your husband or your close friend touches the belly but you may not like if anyone else is doing that. But if any other people are doing that then you need to politely tell that you do not like it or you are nor comfortable with it. There are also some countries that have such laws. If a little innocent kid is doing that then that can be fine but it is not really good if that is done by a man. Man touching pregnant woman's bellycan be really bad and that should be totally stopped. People may tell you that it is ok to touch the belly button but if you are rally not comfortable then you need to tell the same to the concerned person. They may like that or not, you need to say it. 

Speaking up is important 
If you do not like someone touching your pregnant belly then peaking up is more important. You need to say No to the person if you do not like that touch, after all it is your body and your baby as well. Not just belly but there are some woman who do not like other people touching anywhere on their body. There are some people who hold your hands or will keep a hand on your back. It may be your hand or any other part of your body, if you do not like it, you need not accept it and you need to clearly say the same.You need to let them know that you do not like the touch and they should avoid doing so. 

Do not be rude 
If you are not comfortable you can say that politely and you need not be every time rude. In soft words you can let others know that you do not like it. There may be some pope who have a courtesy to ask for permission before they touch any part of your body. You can say wither yes or no and there is no need to give any explanation. You always have a right  to say yes or not as it is your body and your decision as well. Just be polite and be happy. 


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