Tricks of Party Makeup so That Your Night Makeup Lasts Longer on Your Skin

Tricks of Party Makeup so That Your Night Makeup Lasts Longer on Your Skin

When we refer to the makeup is resistant, we mean you must endure the night of partying. It is very annoying to be in the middle of the night having a good time and that you have to be away from your company to touch up your face.

Today we want to tell you some tricks of party makeup in Hindi so that your night makeup lasts longer on your skin.

Day makeup vs. Night makeup

It is not the same day makeup as night makeup to party. During the day women usually look more natural look and at night we opted for a more sophisticated makeup, making the face is a blank canvas that we want to be perfect.

And you will not wear the same clothes during the day as during the night. The style changes and you have to combine face with your dress.

Party makeup tips Hindi - before the base

The main step is to prepare your skin so that the products that you put on your face can endure all night without retouching, or with the minimums.

To do this and before applying the base, clean your face, use a facial tonic that refreshes the skin and looks more luminous, and then moisturizes your skin. Then, to cover the imperfections that you may have, use a concealed that also covers the lines of expression because if they are marked you will look more tired.

If you plan to go to a closed place we advise you to buy anti-pollution creams, as they are able to isolate your skin even if it is exposed to fumes or charged environments.

Makeup base

For the base to last all night, we advise you to choose a specific long-lasting product, but always with a creamy texture. When the heat arrives, notice that the product is not vaporous or pasty so that they do not get ugly if you sweat.

Face makeup

Your face must be very careful so that your night makeup resists, let's see in parts:

In the eyes you should apply a quality eye shadow, because the more professional it is, the more it will hold. That is why we advise you not to skimp on the shade and party makeup, because you will appreciate it.

In the eyelashes we advise you to apply a waterproof mask because besides being water resistant, it is more resistant to the hours.

To make your lipstick last longer, we advise you to apply makeup base on your lips and apply the lipstick you want to use. When dry remove excess makeup with paper.

Finally apply a little translucent powder to seal everything.

And you, do you know a trick to make your night makeup last longer? Tell us!

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