Unique Gift Ideas for A Farewell to your Teacher.

Gifts to teachers are very special and need to be bought with a lot of thoughtfulness beyond it. However, when it comes to buy a gift the teacher something for his/her farewell, the specialty of the gift increases. Any gift which is for a farewell needs to be like a memoir so that the receiver remembers it forever and we, here, have a list of really unique gifts to give to your teacher when they are about to fare thee well.

1.       Bake a cake for the teacher with a special touch

We all know that baking is therapeutic especially for the baker but the one who is about to eat the finished product finds his therapy somewhere else (in food!) hence it would be a very nice gesture to bake a cake for the teacher and cut it for the farewell celebration. This way you can bake the cake with their favorite flavor or fill the cakes with their favorite flavored cream. It might also be of their favorite color and may have a little creamy note written at the top especially for them.

2.      Prepare a small video remembering the good times

Nowadays with the mobile camera and camcorder it is a wonderful idea to prepare a small video for the teacher where everyone remembers the teacher in their own way thus creating a digital collage where the teacher can keep this stored with them forever. Also, you can create a CD of the entire video and gift it to your teacher so that they are able to keep it forever with them.

3.      Create a photo collage

By sticking three or four chart papers together you can create a large poster where each one of you writes 3-4 lines on the teacher and pastes them on the chart paper all over. This way there will be written notes from everyone for the teacher and these little personalized notes matter a lot more than the costliest gifts ever. Along with this there needs to be a big photo at the centre of the entire class with the teacher so that the teacher is able to reminiscence the days later on.

4.      Personalized mugs and mementos

We can give gifts like mugs and accessories like paper weights, pens and even mementoes that are especially designed for out teacher with their photos imprinted on them. Or maybe when we know that a teacher has a favorite quote we can try printing that on the cup or maybe, if we want to have some fun with the teacher we can also inscribe phrases that they always used in the class.

5.      Chocolates

Chocolates are always the best solution when we get confused about what to gift to someone. This is one thing which makes people happy in all circumstances and this is the best gift when parting ways. It helps you make sweet memories even sweeter and also helps you cherish the sweet moments together forever.

6.      Surprise Party

The final and the ultimate gift can be to throw a personalized party for the teacher and organize for a small skit along with dance and music programs by the students in order to add more to the party. Let the teacher feel the warmth of the love induced by the students. A small tea party following this would do wonders making everyone happy. Let the teacher have no idea about it at all and surprise them to the core by pampering them and making them the centre of attraction of the entire program.

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