The Pros of Installing Ceiling Fans

Countries like India which have a tropical climate and a population that is bursting at the seams;there is a requirement of cheaper methods of cooling homes when the sun is beating down on citizens. Economical methods of cooling the house are decided when the house is being built and even the invertersare chosen to provide back up power to the household gadgets in cases of power failures.

A uni-directional ceiling fan with 3 blades does not produce any extra air for cooling but instead circulates the air present in the room to produce a cooling effect. The facts that 3-blade fans can reduce the room temperature by 4 degrees, has been proved by research. If the windows are open in autumn season or winter season, then the fan will circulate the incoming air to produce a gentle cooling effect. These fans are lighter as opposed to heavy 4-5 blade fans that contain lighting fixtures and counter-clockwise facilities. There has been the recent development of designer fans, which provide cooling to every corner of the room while looking stunning against the room wallpaper. These fans have special aerodynamic designs which are suitable for cooling within the room.

Benefits of ceiling fans-
  • The ceiling fan circulates a pleasant natural breeze around the room. This works in the favor of claustrophobic people as a closed room fitted with an AC will cause mild suffocation.
  • As an initial investment, installing a ceiling fan is cheaper than installing an AC. One can buy ceiling fans online india at reasonable prices. The fans consumer low amounts of power than ACs which reduces electricity bills.
  • A power failure is managed more conveniently using a ceiling fan. When the main supply power shuts off, an inverter can be connected, and the fan will instantly start working as it utilizes lower power. An AC will take a lot of time to start without reliability. Abrupt shutting down of devices such as ACs can cause damage to the electronic device.
  • Ceiling fans can work as an alternative to ACs. If the room is usually cooled by ACs, the fans can act as supplementary cooling media in the case of AC shut down. This makes fans a much more reliable option than ACs.
  • There are many pest and insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and moths that get deterred in the presence of a fan’s continuous circulation. This helps in getting rid of those pests. This does not happen in an air-conditioned environment.
  • A table fan is within the reach of children. This makes it a dangerous device as it can hurt ignorant kids that touch the table fan. A ceiling fan is a safer option as it is out of reach of kids.
  • The hassle of changing the direction of table fans gets eliminated by installing a ceiling fan. After a certain point, even the wire length of the table fan restricts its movement, which does not happen in the case of a ceiling fan. 
  • Ceiling fans add to the d├ęcor of the room. One can find a wide variety of designer ceiling fans online India .They can be customized to fit the specifications of the interior designer or they can be selected to match the theme of the room.

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