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Unlike many manufacturers in smart phones, Samsung has arguably manufactured lesser number of mobile phones but it has earned wide spread approval and acceptance. The success story of Samsung is different and eccentric. Unlike Apple, Samsung has witnessed good and bad times. It must be admitted here that Apple has turned out to be world’s most successful brand over a decade. However, the style of success of Samsung is different and patchy. Samsung is imbued by curiosity to copy anything and tries its luck at everything. On the contrary, Apple tends to sticks to only a couple of products and invests all its energies in them.

An insightful article was published in Business Insider over two years ago. Apple has only a couple of innovations to spearhead in different form and modifications. On the other hand, Samsung has got its legs stuck up in several business adventures. For instance, Samsung has contributed a lot to electronics innovation such as refrigerators, TVs and laptops to name a few. And if you look at advertisement expenses of Samsung, you will be stunned to learn that the brand spent more 4 million dollars recently.

If you happen to compare Samsung and Apple, you will learn interesting facts about Samsung. Following are detailed facts about fame and popularity of Samsung. Apple is considered a brand that has adhered to its mindset of 2007 when it launched its first smart phone. And in this regard, Samsung is the only brand that comes close to it. Besides affordable Samsung mobile price in Auckland, Samsung has many points comparable to Apple.

As Samsung mobile price in Auckland is affordable and regardless of many other factors, Samsung is only alternative for Apple smart phones. Here we are going to look into these contrasting points.

Variety, availability and price range of Samsung smart phones:

When it comes to all of these features, the only brand that comes to mind is Samsung because Samsung is the only brand that produces so many varieties in the smart phones. On top of that, Samsung mobile price in Auckland is variable depending on your affordability and choices. If you talk about current prices of smart phones by Samsung, it is beginning from $180. Even more importantly, there are a great number of branded smart phones available in several choices of display screens, from 3.5 inches to 5.7 inches Galaxy Note 4.

Build and performance of Samsung smart phones:

The best build and performance available on discounted Samsung mobile price in Auckland is merely one feature of Samsung. You will frequently wonder whether Samsung or Apple is a faster smart phone. With the exception of only few very cheaper phones, the Samsung phones are faster in performance. It merely depends on the size of your pocket – if you can spare more money, you will get a far better off Samsung smart phone. All else are just rumors and gibberish.

In the last but not the least, as for the Samsung mobile price in Auckland; you do not have to worry because Samsung never rips you off!

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