Get Hair Transplant to Cover Baldness and Gain Confidence

Is not ones hair one of the major confidence booster? A lot of people tend to lose hair due to several reasons like stress, age and disorders and with that they also tend to lose their confidence. A patterned baldness is mostly observed in male and is some women and it is not a nice thing to happen to people.
However, no matter how bad the baldness is or if you have scanty hair on some part of your head, getting hair transplantation is a wise choice. It is important to consult the right person to help you through the process. An experienced hair transplantation clinic is extremely important to help you get the hair back and also your confidence.

1) Cause of the hair loss

It is important to figure out and find out if you are an ideal candidate for getting a hair transplant done. There are many reasons like stress, lifestyle, genetic reasons, lack of proper nutrition, aging, etc. which leads to falling of hair. By undergoing hair transplantation, you can gain back the youthful look and get rid of the patterned baldness.

Before getting the transplantation done, it is important to identify if you are an ideal candidate for the process or not. It is critical that you consult a highly professional and experienced physician before deciding to undergo the process. It is necessary to identify the factor responsible for causing the baldness and accordingly decide on how to go about the procedure.

2) Process of transplantation and procedure

It is one of the most effective surgeries which involves removing a narrow strip of hair from donor mostly and planting the hair follicle in the area of baldness. The hair follicle is given by a donor that is harvested and it gradually becomes resistant to dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is responsible for progressive falling and loss of hair and causing baldness.

It is a surgical process and requires lots of planning and preparation. It requires local anaesthesia for performing the procedure. The process of surgery might take few hours depending on the amount of hair that need to be transplanted. If area for which grafting is needed is large the procedure might at times take more time than assumed.

3) Procedure for Hair Transplant

One of the latest technologies which is used for transplanting hair is the micro-FUE technology, which helps in showing high end positive result. It has helped people gain back their confidence. The hairtransplantation in Turkey is a step by step process which starts with the planning stage.  The consult examine everything before making the plans of transplantation.

The consultant studies the bald area to find number of bulbs that need to be cultivated from the donor. There are number of factors involved like finding the hair density, shape and its distribution. The second stage involves application of anaesthesia for preparing the skin which reduces the pain is caused during the process of transplantation.

The process may last for around 5 to 8 hours depending on the number of bulbs that need to be transplanted on the hair. It is a long process and involves a lot of precision. The third step is taking the hair follicle form the donor area which is followed by sorting. After the process of sorting, the bald area receives follicles.

 4) Picking the hair grafts

It is a very tough and extreme precise step where the doctor tends to pick the hair grafts from the area of the donor. The hair bulbs are picked using a machine known as micro-motor and bulbs are broken with the help of micro heads. Accuracy is very important to pick the grafts from the donor area and place in the bald area.

5) Gain back your confidence

Immediately after the transplant, one needs to be careful and take care of the head. Some individuals might suffer from swelling and bleeding which gradually reduced with time. Proper care of the head surface prevents any sort of major side effect.

With hair back on the head, you also tend to bring back your confidence. Losing hair is not in your hands but getting them back permanently is definitely what you can do. It is a long process of a few hours and a complete test is done to start the procedure. Finding the ideal candidate and reason for hair loss is important.

The hair loss transplant clinics not only take care of head baldness, but even offer eyebrow transplantation. If you have sparse or uneven eyebrow, the problem can be resolved by getting a transplantation done. It is critical to do your own research before trusting a clinic or consultant with hair transplantation procedure. It must be a well planned surgical process.

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