Chicken Biryani: India’s Favourite Dish

India has a wide range of delicious preparations, all of them special in their own way. However, one of the first dishes to come to mind of any person when discussing Indian cuisine has to be biryani. Chicken biryani, in particular, is a sought after item all over the country. In fact, it is one of the most popular Indian dishes worldwide. Many factors culminate to create the universal appeal of biryani.

Loved by All

Chicken biryani is that one food item that is everyone’s favourite. There is no one who refuses a plate of biryani. Everyone is always eager to have second – sometimes even third and fourth!  Be it a wedding or a tryst at a street side stall, biryani is always the go-to dish that people choose. Chicken biryani is the perfect rice item for every occasion. It is no surprise that many are searching for chicken biryani recipe; chicken biryani recipe in marathi in particular.

Variety of Choices

One of the best things about chicken biryani is the wide variety it is available in. Other than the quintessential chicken biryani that most people are so accustomed to, there also exists Hyderabadi and Kolkata biryani, to name a few variations. While the former is prepared in the style of kachay gosht, the latter has potato in it. These slight, albeit notable differences, bring a regional twist to the original dish.

Widely Available

Due to its immense popularity, chicken biryani can be found almost anywhere. From local shops to high scale restaurants, this is a dish that transgresses social hierarchies. The rich and the poor both enjoy biryani. The presence of this rice based dish is omnipresent because of these very reasons. It is never a challenge to procure a plate of biryani.

Flavour Palette

Chicken biryani is an explosion of flavours packed within one dish. Right from the saffron tasting rice to the sweetened onions, and the marinated chicken, the flavours just combine in the mouth to create savoury heaven. The ingredients, in the perfect measure and combination, culminate to create the much loved dish. In fact, it is this plethora of flavour that causes it to be so adored by every person.

Available Online

For those die-hard lovers of chicken biryani, going out to have it every day ends up being quite cumbersome. It is not feasible to order item(s) on a frequent basis. However, those craving pangs refuse to go away, even in the face of practicality. In such an instance, it is best to whip up the delicacy online. This can be easily done looking for chicken biryani recipe online. One can even get the chicken biryani recipe in marathi online. It is all per the individual’s convenience.

These days, one does not have to work too hard to satisfy things as trivial as food cravings. Even during a money crunch, one does not have to make do without their favourite preparation. All that has to be done is look for the recipe online, and that’s all! Everyone’s loved dish is just a click away.

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